April 11, 2010

Movie Scene Sunday: The Room

4/11/2010 Posted by Mel Got Served , No comments
The Room has taken over my life. I can't stop quoting it, talking about it, forcing everyone to watch it. It's like this amazing Amazon review says, "With each viewing, The Room becomes more complexly entangled in and inseparable from my own life. I no longer know where The Room ends and I begin."

Today I present you the epic acting skills of Mr. Tommy Wiseau as he denies Lisa's abuse accusations, laughs at a story of a guy beating up a woman, and then praises his whorish girlfriend and lying BFF. There's so many quotable lines ("I did naht hit her, I did naht!") that your head might explode. "Oh, Hi Mark!" has become the greatest conversation starter for me: I recommend it for you as well.