April 2, 2010

Reality Rundown: [Boston] Robbed of a Million Dollars

The Amazing RaceNew! Dancing with the StarsThe Biggest Loser
American IdolSurvivor: Heroes vs. VillainsProject Runway

The Amazing Race - The teams finally get an equalizer and all board the flight to the remote island range of the Seychelles. The Detour is a choice of filling an ox-drawn cart with coconuts or lure a giant tortoise with a banana and then carry a bunch of bananas. Most teams go right for the ox, but the father/daughter easily accomplish the tortoise task. The problem? They leave their backpacks behind, so while they have their passports and money, it looks like they'll be spending the rest of the race in the clothes on their backs and sans-makeup.

The coconuts prove to be a detriment to many teams who accidentally missed a one in the pile and have to return to retrieve the forgotten coconut. Miss Teen USA kept whining that "it's not faaaair," but read the rules, ding-dong. The Road Block sends one teammate into the ocean to receive a message in a bottle; they swim to shore after to find a puzzle of a map inside the bottle with a clue to the Pit Stop. The bagless father/daughter are team #1 and win a bunch of 7-Up prizes because apparently there was a "7" theme this leg; I sure as hell didn't catch that. The lesbians and the cowboys are at the back of the pack this week, neck and neck by making dumb mistakes. The cowboys are 5th to arrive but can't be checked in because they left their message in a bottle on the boat; they have to swim back to retrieve it. The lesbians catch-up and are checked-in as team #5. Good news for the cowboys is that it's a non-elimination leg. Yee-haw.

New! Dancing with the Stars - Much like Idol I don't plan to do full recaps, but I'll give updates. The "stars" had 2 weeks to prove their dancing skills, and it's pretty obvious the worst 2 are Buzz Aldrin and Kate Gosselin who tanked both weeks. Others are stars (Pussycat Doll Nicole) and others are middle of the pack. My support goes to Shannen Doherty AKA Brenda Walsh who had a bad week 1 and a great jazz week 2. To my shock, my girl Brenda Shannen, who the judges declared had a lot of dancing potential, gets ousted first by America (and by America I mean 48 year old women who I guess are still big Dylan & Kelly fans) and instead keep the biggest bitch on earth (I'll let you guess who).

The Biggest Loser - Teams finally end tonight, but of course they can't just allow the remaining 9 to continue: they have to bring someone back. All the ex-losers come back and weigh-in, but the catch is this season the on-ranch losers will get to vote who should come back. In comes down to one of the 400lb twins and a young girl from the Blue team who never got a chance on the ranch. Blue Team girl is back on the ranch which I'm happy about because this girl never got a chance to really train; that fat twin came to the ranch, didn't do well, and then hasn't even done much better at home. And then there were 10...

Until Alison makes another announcement: another person gets to come back. Whoever completes 1,000 steps first gets back on the ranch: Melissa, the game-playing red team bitch who last week complained that she needed her husband Lance back at home, gets back into the game.

The main drama this week starts with Pink Ashley has doubts about Purple Stephanie's loyalty to her. Koli doesn't help much as he puts the idea into Ashley's head that Steph threw the weigh-in when Ashley's mother got voted off. Ashley, Drea, and Steph talk and it's lots of tears and doubting. It's really not a good week to have people questioning your loyalty and when Stephanie and Sam fall below the yellow line, it's Stephanie who gets voted off. They claim it's game play, but how is a strong guy not considered a bigger threat? Whatever! Sam and Steph are the big winners cause they're dating in real life- so suck it, losers!

American Idol - This week the contestants were asked to sing R&B music with mentor Usher (or Ur-shur, if you're a Ludacris fan). As usual, I watched the first hour and felt tortured. Did I miss the rule that all R&B songs needed to be from 1967 or earlier? The results show featured a ginormous amount of filler, including really terrible performances by Ruben Studdard, Usher, and P.Diddy (who also used Pokemon-seizure inducing lighting). Didi Benami, who has a voice made for Grey's Anatomy background music was the lowest vote getter and the judges chose to not save her, but you wouldn't know that unless you watched live because the show ran 3 minutes late.

Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains - James' ouster last week creates a "fantastic 5" (Rupert's words, not mine). The Heroes win both Reward and Immunity this week, and while on the Reward feast find a new clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol. Their new BFF bonding leads the team to decide to find the Idol together and use it to take down the Villains.

It's a clear divide on the Villains camp with Boston Rob, Sandra and Courtney on one side and Russell, Parvati, and Danielle on the other. Coach and Jerri are the floaters and Russell seeks this opportunity to sway Jerri to his team. Coach gives his word to B-Rob not to vote for him, but also gives his word to Russell. Coach just wants to keep the team strong and believes getting rid of Courtney would help the team win challenges; Russell also agrees, but he's sick of B-Rob. At Tribal Council, Coach is the sole vote for Courtney while the remaining votes aim to take down the 2 biggest threats on the tribe. My Boston heart sinks as Rob is voted off and let's Coach know on the way out he's a little man. I guarantee Coach cries when he gets back to camp.

Project Runway - The challenge this week is to create a red carpet look for a "very picky" celebrity and if you for more than 5 seconds thought it was going to be anyone but Heidi Klum, you must've been drinking away your Survivor sorrows. She won't have her baby bump when the look is needed, so at least they don't have to dress a fatso. Maya, the youngest in the competition, drops out of Runway because she feels in over her head and not ready for this; to display this, we get a nice montage of all these moments where the judges lightly call her a copycat. Has no one broken the news to her that she'll still have to make an entire collection for Fashion Week as a decoy? But in great news, sassy Anthony is back for a second chance!

Onto the judging with special guest judge, Jessica [Miser]Alba! Anthony makes a flowy black and white floor-length dress that I adore, and so do the judges- way to come back with a vengeance! Emilio's look is described as impeccable; it's sexy and has an interesting fabric. Sometime it looks cheap, other times it looks glamorous. Emilio and Anthony are both selected as this week's winners, which might be a Runway first. Heidi chooses Emilio's dress to wear, and Jessica Alba selects Anthony as the winner and requests to wear his dress.

For the bad stuff. Seth Aaron's look is very him, but not very flattering to Heidi. Mila makes a sexy blackish/gray with gold striped dress but it shows a lot of boobage in weird ways and Nina says it's something the Real Housewives of New Jersey would wear (that's not a compliment). Jay's dress is cute on the top, but the bottom isn't flattering; it gives the impression of a big butt and hips and no one wants that. Jonathan's dress is super-short and has the coloring of the Red Feathers from Troop Beverly Hills; it was his 3rd attempt and definitely rushed. And if for more than 5 seconds you thought Jonathan could scrape by again this week, you need to put down the bottle and have a coffee. But hey, at least he's not a quitter like Maya!

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