April 26, 2010

Serving of the Week

4/26/2010 Posted by Mel Got Served , No comments

Name: American Idol
SERVED: It's probably terrible to gripe about American Idol in a week devoted to charity, but they deserve it. Apparently on the Tuesday performance episode, Seacrest warned viewers that Wednesday's result show would run long to we should set our DVRs accordingly. Now I don't know what you define as "running long" but typically that means maybe 5 minutes, TOPS. South Park always runs long, so I set my DVR for an extra 2 minutes. Well American Idol ran 24 minutes late. Seriously Idol?? That's hardly just "running long." What annoys me most is American Idol and Fox knew the show would take up approximately 30 extra minutes, so why not adjust the running time of the episode for viewing guides? Lost does it. Grey's Anatomy does it. What makes Idol so much better than them?

I maintain that American Idol goes out of its way to punish those who DVR the show. If it weren't for DVR, I think most people would skip the show entirity because who really needs to hear Tim Urban sing poorly for 2 minutes? No one! Idol you've been SERVED for being total jerks. For those of us that are for some reason still tuning into this horrendous season, you should be nursing us viewers and holding onto us for dear life. You're already losing Simon, so why are you alienating viewers?

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