June 1, 2010

The Bachelorette: "Not Here for the Right Reason" Season Count: Week 2

6/01/2010 Posted by Mel Got Served , No comments
For once I was excited to watch The Bachelorette, anticipating using the handy knitting clicker my mom let me borrow to count all the times the guys complained someone "wasn't here for the right reasons." Well thanks to the episode's dominant storyline of the Weatherman vs. "dangerous" Craig M., the legendary phrase was only used twice this week. If it weren't for Craig M's end credit rambling, it would've only been 1 time. Tragic! It's like the guys went out of their way to say that exact statement but without using the words "not here for the right reasons." So with only 2 uses this week, we bring ourselves to a season count of...

Note: It has been decided that any time the phrase "not here for the right reasons" is said will be counted. This includes past episode recaps, previews of the current episode as well as next episode, and any end credit sequences.