June 3, 2010

Reality Rundown: It's Raining Men (in Speedos)

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The Bachelorette

The Bachelorette - Week 2 brings a jam-packed episode of dates and drama. Ali brings Frank on the first 1-on-1 date and they drive a classic convertible which proceeds to break down on the freeway. Good work, production assistants! They opt to run down the freeway and hop a cab to their date, which is the extremely timely date of taking touristy photos on Hollywood Boulevard. This also marks the first monkey jump of the season (shortly followed by the second monkey jump). Frank and Ali head to destination #2, the legendary Hollywood sign where smooch #1 goes to Frank. Ali brags about getting to kiss there, but BFD the West Bev' Class of '93 has been there, done that, and vandalized it. I love 90210. They finish their date sitting on the hood of the car overlooking LA, kissing a lot, and Frank declaring he already feels Ali is his girlfriend, Frank receiving a rose, and Ali letting us know she's already crazy for him. I'm liking Frank as well and they seem like a good match (my mom is now his #1 fan).

Date #2 is a group date where the guys are forced into embarrassing speedos for a "Sexy Guy" calendar (I guess the photographer didn't see how busted a few guys are). Weatherman Jonathan isn't too keen on the banana hammock at first, but sucks it up. Ty busts out his guitar making him "that guy" of the season. At least one of the guys acknowledges this cliche moment. Post-beach there's a cocktail party for Ali to get to know the guys and get a few minutes of 1-on-1 with some of them. We learn Ty is divorced and the Weatherman tells Ali that Craig M (who is like the 2010 version of every Billy Zabka character from the 80s, not to mention looks like Steve Webber from Wings) is "dangerous." Wrestler Justin aka Rated R gets his time as well, and the guys still hate him. Ty gets the group rose, and Rated R complains that the music schtick is fake. Says the wannabe wrestler who wears his wrestling shirt under his suits.

Date #3 is another 1-on-1 date and Ali brings Jesse, who learns he's getting the date through some engraved cufflinks. The logical date for a girl afraid of flying is to take a tiny private jet for a night in Vegas. I don't like this date as much as Frank's, but they drive a Ferrari, swim in a pool that is brand new, and get over-dressed for dinner in a villa suite. If you're looking for an exciting trip to Vegas, I suggest renting Vegas Vacation or The Hangover cause this is dullsville. After dinner and giving Jesse a rose, Ali takes Jesse to a club for a private concert with Jamie Cullum. I have to say, without bragging, I'm very pop culture saavy and I only barely recognize this dude's name. They also kiss, but my mom insists Frank has far more chemistry with Ali than this guy.

Now that the dates are over, let's dive into the house drama. Throughout the episode, shots have been shown of a feud brewing in the house: Weatherman Jonathan vs. Craig M (I have to say Craig M because there's another Craig who is kind of a dud). Craig's sole mission seems to be to party with the guys and make life for the Weatherman miserable. He mocks Weatherman, his clothes, his come-backs, etc so of course Weatherman tattles. It's childish bullshit. So at the cocktail hour Ali decides to pull Craig aside to for alone time and to see if there's a connection. It's so obvious based on his answers that Craig is just here to party and is not interested in Ali. Heck, he didn't even tell his work he left for the show, he just calls in sick on a daily basis. She asks him point blank if he even likes her but he can't look her in the eyes or really give a good answer, so she also brings up that someone (without naming names) called him dangerous. Craig calls a house-meeting to find the culprit, who he knows is Jonathan. Jonathan won't fess up to saying it, but does tell Craig he doesn't like him at all.

Ali makes her picks and despite having no dates at all with Roberto and Chris L., she gives them roses. She also picks a couple of guys that have not been on camera all episode but I figure you need to keep a few of these schmos around for the 2-on-1 date where you dump someone on the date. I figure the end of Weatherman vs. Craig will end with them both leaving, but Ali extends a rose to Jonathan thus leaving Craig roseless and heading home. Craig leaves Ali with some important advice in his post-rose ceremony interview: "You can't be serious with someone shorter than you" and some impressions of "Rated R" Justin. And with that, Classy Craig M (and some other dudes) leave.

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