June 21, 2010

Serving of the Week

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Name: Dina Lohan
SERVED: In terms of things that boggle my mind, how in the world does Carvel Ice Cream have a Black Card for VIPs? It turns out that last year, in honor of their 75th anniversary, Carvel gave out 75 VIP Black Cards to celebrities, giving them free ice cream. Carvel decided to get one to Lindsay Lohan and one to her sister, Ali. Yeah, the Ali portion of this story confuses me since she's done nothing in this world except a terrible E! show and looking about 37 years older than her actual age.

Well this past week, delusional famewhore mother Dina Lohan was denied an ice cream cake at Carvel with the Black Card and went apeshit, immediately informing the tabloids because that's what you do when your a fame-sucking leech. It seems that Dina and the whole Lohan clan have been abusing the Black Card, using it "carte blanche" and quite frankly Carvel didn't think people would take this Black Card seriously, or at least figured an occasional cake here or there. Hell, even they know their standard ice cream is low to mediocre, overpriced, and their cakes are meh at best. At the request of the poor shop attendant, who wouldn't serve Dina since her name was not in the card, the cops came (Dina alleges a helicopter came- in her dreams), took the card, and let her know she'll not be receiving free ice cream again. SERVED! For a woman who claims she doesn't leech onto her children's fortune she has an odd way of showing it. And don't even get me started on her claiming she gets treated worse than "regular people." Well Dina, I know you were hoping Carvel would SERVE you a delicious Fudgie the Whale, but I hope a SERVING from Mel fills the void.

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Original photo credit: Dlisted