June 28, 2010

Serving of the Week

Name: Kasey, The Bachelorette
SERVED: On this past week's Bachelorette, Ali had an infamous 2-on-1 date where only 1 guy survives the date. The contenders: sweet, weirdly voiced Kasey who is famously known as the guy who got a tattoo to show how he would "guard and protect the heart" and the Justin aka "Rated R", the aspiring pro-wrestler, who is so not here for the right reasons. Kasey's already proved himself to be kind of weird (hello, awkward serenades in the park) and all the crap Justin's serves up Ali buys into. So after alone time with both guys on a date on a glacier, Ali brings out her rose and gives it to Justin and poor Kasey is SERVED! To make matters worse, Ali and Justin board a helicopter home, leaving Justin stranded along on a glacier. SERVED! Poor guy. It's one thing to get dumped, it's another to be dumped on a fake reality show, but it's another for the show to go out of its way to humiliate you on national television. Sorry Kasey but you got SERVED.

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Original photo credit: Hulu screencap