July 11, 2010

Movie Scene Sunday: The Truman Show

7/11/2010 Posted by Mel Got Served 1 comment
With Big Brother returning to the airwaves and the 24/7 live feeds rolling, I feel my addiction sinking in. You kind of feel like a voyeur watching these 13 HGs for months, knowing all their conversations, strategies, and tendencies. I then remember the amazing Truman Show, the story of a man unknowingly the star of the greatest reality show ever, and how the world watched him all the time, even as he slept. Sure you can watch Big Brother contestants sleep, but really it's pretty dull. Watching Jim Carrey sleep for 8 hours? No thanks, but I do love his morning greeting.


Steve G. said...

Man, I had forgotten about how awesome The Truman Show was, and how oddly prophetic it was as well.