July 30, 2010

Reality Rundown: 2nd Season My Pick to Win Gets Evicted Week 3

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Big Brother 12 - Week 3

The uber-exciting surfboard balancing HOH competition continues for half an episode and man it is exciting. Kathy, Lane, Kristen, Hayden and Britney are the first 5 to fall and are the Haves for the week. I should mention that most of those 5 threw the competition, thinking they were safe. Smart move. All I could think while watching is "Anyone but Brendon" and he thankfully falls, meaning there's a good chance the showmance will be nominated and evicted this week. Andrew wears short shorts on his surfboard, which I suppose means he's in it to win it; he falls. This leaves the competition down to Ragan and Matt. Ragan considers giving the HOH to Matt since he feels safe and wants Matt to see pictures of his not-sick wife. The show completely omits any of their strategy talk and opts to show Ragan falling and Matt becoming the new HOH.

In other news, Andrew always interrupts Rachel and Brendon making out, but it's pretty hard to not interrupt them since they are dry humping all over the house 24/7. Hayden and Kristen keep up their secret showmance, while the HGs consider the idea of them being cousins since they look alike and have birthmarks. The idea of kissin' cousins in the Big Brother house really isn't that out there, but still makes me shudder. America gives the Have Nots baby food and bok choy along with their slop, and Andrew is in 7th heaven since baby food is kosher. You learn something new every day. Matt decides to cut a deal with Brendon and Rachel to keep him safe next week if he can't successfully backdoor one of them. Matt nominates Andrew and Kathy and man, what a power move to take out house sloth Kathy. Let's hope Brendon doesn't compete in the POV competition and save himself (foreshadowing).

Andrew's week isn't going great. He's pissed about being nominated, Rachel tainted the iced tea with peaches leaving the Have Nots thirsty, he lives with slobs, and Brendon and Rachel both get pulled to play for the POV. The Brigade fear a science test will be the competition, y'know since Big Brother is probably rigged to keep the showmance. Instead, it's a weird carnival themed counting contest where you stay and fold; kinda like poker. Now, in the home version (aka me yelling numbers at the TV) I ROCK at this and would've won the POV easily. Andrew takes an early lead, making the reality of backdooring Brendon a potential future, but Brendon catches up and wins the veto. Brenchel survive another week. UGH.

Andrew is confused by his talks with Matt. Matt's plan is convoluted and he also wants there to be a tie so he can send Kathy home. Brendon, meanwhile, wants to do anything to keep Andrew in this house and Andrew wants to align with Brendon, so Andrew approaches Brendon in the dark Have Not room and decides he wants to make a bold move tomorrow, POV ceremony day, and to not let Rachel in on it because the less informed, the better. Andrew makes a speech comparing Matt's gameplay of claiming to want to evict Brenchel as his strategy and the house will keep him, eventhough that's a complete lie. Andrew and Brendon thinks it's a slick move but instead it's thrown up a million red flags and the house is reconsidering their initial idea to vote out Kathy.

Andrew begins to realize his veto speech might've been a bad move and starts getting frustrated, as well as jealous of Kathy getting attention from his supposed friend Kristen. He tells them both to not play him like a fiddle, then gets into an argument with Kristen. It's basically the only yelling we've had this season so this is an epic fight, yet so dull. Kathy makes one of the same old lame "I love y'all" speeches, whereas Andrew goes out in a blaze of glory, outing Kristen and Hayden's late night showmance and stuff they'd said about others. It doesn't help and he's voted out unanimously. Julie tells him he should've used this information to blackmail them, not expose them, as well as informs him Matt lied about his wife (Matt's wife isn't a fan of this move). Oh and of course, Rachel makes another goodbye video yelling about breaking up her and her man. STFU!

The HOH competition is to knock out players one by one by guessing whether the competition was an HOH, Have or Have Not, or Veto competition. Despite their best efforts to get her out (and thanks to Kathy's complete stupidity), Rachel wins HOH again and I become insanely frustrated.

So my pre-season pick to win Big Brother 12 is out, but I did say either he'd last a while or go out quickly. But here's what I do have going for me: for 2 seasons in a row, I predicted the person to go home week 3. Clearly I have a gift. A gift for picking week 3 losers.

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