July 16, 2010

Reality Rundown: Big Brother Twist FAIL

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Big Brother 12 - Week 1

In the aftermath of the saboteur locking the storage room, the HGs deduce that the only people unaccounted for at the time are Andrew and Brendon. Brendon isn't worrying too much, because he and not-as-annoying-as-1st-episode Rachel are starting a showmance based on their nerdy science bond. Everyone has theories about the saboteur and Kathy, being a cop (actually sheriff), thinks it will be a likable female, to which they realize Annie wasn't in the living room during the blackout either. Enzo decides to form "the strongest alliance in Big Brother history" named The Brigade featuring himself (code name: Meow Meow), Matt, Lane, and HOH Hayden. Hayden decides that his target is Brendon, since he's a strong guy that could also be the saboteur, and would put Brendon against his closest ally, being Rachel.

The first Have or Have Not competition has 3 teams crawling through a moat of caramel and searching a giant pile of popcorn for poorly cut out Styrofoam teeth. That sounds completely ridiculous and makes no sense, but that's Big Brother for you. The caramel is disgustingly thick; it's like the Double Dare Physical Challenge from hell. Kathy gets completely stuck in the caramel near the end of the competition, blowing the lead for her time. Kathy and her team (Rachel, Matt, Ragan) become the Have Nots, living off of slop, cold showers, and shitty beds for the week. Oh and the Have Not room has jars of maggots and dead bugs in it. Gross.

The next morning as Andrew eats breakfast he notices that there are X's taped over Britney and Kathy's faces on the memory wall. The saboteur strikes again in a lame way. Andrew tells Hayden, but Hayden just assumes it's Andrew reporting his own sabotaging way. The saboteur leaves another video message explaining his/her targeting of Britney and Kathy, stating that the "the smallest competitor can be your fiercest competition" and warns them to be observant. Seriously, this is a stupid twist. This saboteur's targeting ends up affecting absolutely nothing and Hayden nominates Brendon and Rachel.

In the aftermath of nominations, Brendon whines, Brendon and Rachel makes out, and Brendon confirms Enzo's theory that Annie is aligned with Brendon and Rachel. HOH Hayden is flabbergasted that Brendon would reveal so much to him, so now he knows who his potential replacement nominee could be and that is the loud whining feed hog that is Annie (am I right, live feed watchers??) Rachel gains her first real enemy when she draws Monet's name for POV and rolls her eyes; sure, that'll help you get saved from eviction! The HGs enter the backyard for the POV competition and the yard is full of pinatas for Cinco de Mayo. Not Mayo is in May, but Mayo as in the pinatas are filled with rotten mayonnaise which they must slam open to find letters to spell the longest word. TECHNOTRONICS, anyone? Brendon wins the POV with the word "understanding" and will obviously save himself from the chopping block.

The Brigade tosses around names of who to nominate. Kathy seems like an excellent pawn but it could backfire on them, but Annie is tight with Brendon and Rachel and trying to make alliances with everyone. The plan is to replace Brendon with Annie and backdoor her out of the game. The guys tell Britney the plan to backdoor Annie and ask her to keep it on the DL. Britney kind of brings up to Annie that she could be filling that replacement nominee spot. Annie confronts Hayden but ultimately thinks Britney is stirring shit up in the house. Just as the drama begins, the saboteur strikes again and tells the house that 2 HGs aren't strangers at all, but are lifelong friends. Paranoia quickly sets in and everyone begins over-analyzing and coming up with the worst pairings. Couldn't the saboteur just be lying to eff with their heads? I guess we'll see. A the POV ceremony, Brendon obviously saves himself and Annie is named the replacement nominee responds by saying, "Lies... weave.. evil webs... Britney." Always a smart move to start to look mentally unhinged when people will be deciding if they want to continue living with you for 3 months.

Annie takes her nomination with grace and poise. Just kidding, she goes nuts. First she blames Britney, then Brendon, she immediately packs her suitcase (mind you, this happened Sunday five days before the eviction on Thursday), and whines a lot. She feels betrayed by Brendon and knows he'll pick his showmance with other nominee Rachel over her. Brendon brings up his guilt during a makeout session with Rachel and she's not pleased with this Annie-interruptus.

Now the best part of the episode is the reveal of the saboteur or what I'm going to call Big Brother's biggest fail yet. Yes everyone, Annie is the saboteur and 100% getting evicted this week so yeah, that twist worked really well. We learn that Annie padlocked the storage room door, taped over the HGs faces, and put a beeping device in a secret place to annoy everyone. Wow, these are just pure evil. How can anyone in this house function with all these insane acts going on? PRETTY F'ING EASILY. This is hands down one of the stupidest twists in reality show history. So they annoy the HGs- big deal. The saboteur should be ruining alliances and sabotaging votes, no hiding a beeper in a bedroom. LAME.

Back to the house drama: the Saboteur (Annie) leaves the HGs another message saying they escaped eviction this week (false). At least it'll leave some paranoia until they realize the shenanigans stop. Brendon becomes prime suspect again because of the phrasing, since he saved himself with the POV. Annie sees this potentially as her saving grace because maybe they'd prefer to get his showmance out before her (they don't- Annie is just that annoying). She also drops some Brendon secrets, letting other HGs know Brendon is actually a smart scientist and not some brainless stud, hoping it'll increase the target on Rachel.

Annie makes one last plea to keep her in the game in her eviction speech, laying it all on the line and throwing Brendon to the wolves and taking Rachel down with her. Someone wants that $50k! Rachel makes the typical "Oh it's awesome being here speech!" and while Annie makes far more valid points, she was a plague in the house this week and played too hard too fast, being a completely annoyance 24/7. I'm not even being facetious when I say every time I turned on the live feeds Annie was on it whining. The house unanimously votes to evict Annie and the Big Brother season twist FAILS. But Annie slightly wins me over when she responds to Rachel's video goodbye about her trying to split up her relationship with Brendon by pointing out Brendon hit on Annie first but she declined so Rachel has sloppy seconds. SERVED!

In a complete reversal of fortune, Rachel wins HOH after a tie-breaker round and producer Allison Grodner is probably breathing a sigh of relief cause if the Saboteur twist is over then at least the showmance will last 1 more week. I am predicting some live feed sexin' this week in that HOH room.

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