July 27, 2010

The Bachelorette: The Men Tell All, Bore Me

The Bachelorette: The Men Tell All

If you're looking for 2 hours of filler to extend the Bachelorette by another week, well you're in luck because it's time for the Men Tell All Special! While it's sort a reunion, it's basically a 2 hour clip show where Chris Harrison actually has to put in some effort of being a host. First is a pre-taped sit-down between Ali and Chris where she fondly remembers the good and the bad, including Justin, Frank, Kasey's singing and tattoo, the illusive and silent Chris N (aka The Phantom), and the peacock that kept interrupting her and Roberto's date in Portugal. It's absolutely thrilling (though I will admit I chuckled a few times).

The men then reunite to dish on what happened this season, which rarely has to do with Ali and more has to do with the other contestants. It's a big time for the popular guys to play their cards right and hopefully get cast as the new Bachelor (while Kirk has the heartbreak story, it looks like Craig the lawyer could win and be the new Bob Guinea). Some random guy we totally forgot doesn't like that the Weatherman "bitched out" on crazy Craig being "dangerous" and Chris N actually speaks and wears a Phantom t-shirt, ala "Rated R" Justin. Kasey is brought out to discuss his famous tattoo, bad singing, and of course, "guard and protect her heart" which had to have been said 50 times during the special- no lie.

But we all tuned in because wanted to see Justin again and tear him a new one for 2-timing Ali (or 3-timing since he had 2 girlfriends at home). Tough shit cause he ain't there, so they spend a solid 30 minutes discussing the scandal without him and Craig sums it up with "he was an asshole being an asshole." To get down to the knitty gritty the producers brought it someone to really bring more depth to the Justin situation: Jessie, that girl from Jake's season who called the producers. God forbid they went with the angle of actually bringing the girlfriends, but Jessie's just there to try to get on Bachelor Pad 2. To sum it up: the guys hate Justin, Justin doesn't want to deal with it on TV, and Justin really needs to be careful leaving voicemails.

Frank is not at the Men Tell All but he'll be at next week's After the Final Rose since who cares what he has to say to the guys, let's make Ali cry again! (Update: Lie! Reality Steve reports Frank is not appearing which makes sense since no one needs to be crucified for a fake reality show twice)Frank leaving Ali is a tough topic because the guys like Frank, but many don't appreciate him sticking around if his heart wasn't totally in it. Kirk seems most upset because Frank's a bud, but Kirk wishes he could've gone to the final 3 with Ali and maybe found love if Frank respectfully declined the rose. Kirk was in fact heartbroken after losing Ali, but his sob story is definitely enough to get him in contention for Bachelor status.

Ali comes out (with a bird's nest on her head) to talk to the guys, gets serenaded by Kasey again, and laugh at some blooper clips. Best blooper clip: putting a sleeping Craig's hand in a bucket of warm water to make him pee the bed. After a long montage of the final 2, Roberto and Chris, we get a preview of the spin-off show Bachelor Pad,which is essentially I Love Money without as many groupie skanks. It's fill of hook-ups, fights, weaves, and crying- I can't wait. So yeah, completely awesome Men Tell All Special .

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