July 9, 2010

Reality Rundown: More Losers than Weiners

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So You Think You Can DanceTop Chef DC
New! Big Brother 12

So You Think You Can Dance - The night starts with some bad news: Alex Wong cannot dance this week because he is injured. He'll be in the bottom 3 this week and will dance for his life, but if he isn't given a medical go for next week, he'll be out. So crushing, especially since he and AdeChike were supposed to perform Bollywood together and it probably would've been awesome. But let's get to the dancing, shall we? The first hour-ish has each contestant performing with an All Star, and they all really brought it this week. Jose finally showed some dancing chops with his contemporary, and Pasha finally got a partner who could dance (Lauren). Billy Bell is the stand-out for the All Star portion of the night, even if I had to suffer from a song from Cats, which is the worst thing I've ever sat through including a high school production of Hello Dolly. Billy Bell can even makes Cats tolerable, he's that good.

The remainder of the evening has the contestants dancing with each other. Kent and Lauren are absolutely stunning in their contemporary piece, ending it off in a huge kiss. Showmance?! Jose and Billy, who earlier impressed, didn't do so awesome with their Afro Jazz but I swear Billy Bell should be in a Cirque du Soleil show. Poor AdeChike is ripped to shreds by the judges for his Bollywood, but Cat Deeley points out they're a little hypocritical since a couple weeks ago Jose's Bollywood stunk but they praised him. SERVED! Robert and Ashley are given the quickstep, the SYTYCD kiss of death, and it is of course bad. Earlier in the episodes after his wonderful jazz, the judges wondered why America keeps putting Robert in the bottom. Well if you want him to stick around maybe you shouldn't have assigned him ballroom this week.

The result show group number is yet another contemporary piece. Damn show, diversify! Nigel congratulates the SYTYCD Emmy nominees, including Mia Michael, Stacey Tookey, Adam Shankman (for the Oscars), and SYTYCD alum Chelsie Hightower. The viewers are GD high and put Billy Bell in the bottom 3 along with injured Alex Wong. I suppose they also hate the musical Cats as much as I do. And while I'm upset Billy was in the bottom, I'm livid that Ashley and not AdeChike is in the bottom 3. Do I really need to convince myself to start voting? Mia apologizes to AdeChike for being so harsh on him the night before, but she wants his gift to "soar." Before solos, we get a smokin' All Star spotlight on Anya and Pasha, a performance by the cast of In the Heights (must see it now), and Natasha Beddingfield sings. The judges convene and make the announcement: front-runner Alex has lacerated his Achilles tendon so he is out of this year's competition. However, he is invited back next year, though I don't know if he has to audition or not. So sad!

Top Chef DC - Padma and Tom inform the contestants that the Quickfire is to create a dish that will please their adult palettes, as well as their newborn babies (puree it up!) Let's hope Amanda isn't dumb enough to put sherry in this too. A lot of chefs are inspired by their kids or kids on the way; one lady keeps yapping about her pets. The worst are Timothy and his overcooked lamb, Alex with an herby and watery puree, Kevin has blood under his duck, and Kelly was bland. Tom's best are Lynn, the pet lady, and Tamesha with her licorice oil. Padma like Angelo's dish because the baby food looked elegant (would be classier if a baby ate it under a chandelier!) and Kenny for some weird wheat he chose. Since this is a high stakes Quickfire, $10k is on the line: Tom awards his prize to Tamesha (her response: "holy meatballs"), Padma to Kenny. Angelo holds back his jealousy.

Elimination Challenge: in teams of 2, create breakfast, lunch, and dinner options for Hilton Hotels that are easy to create; the winning dish will be added to Hilton's menus. However, they will compete tournament style in a confusing way but most importantly, 3 teams make it to the dinner round and 2 chefs will go home. After the usual trek the Whole Foods, the cheftestants find a panel including former Top Chef contestants (Spike, a Voltaggio brother, some annoying guy), Hilton guest judges, and the usual judges. So the cheftestants scramble to get their breakfast course ready and present to the judging panel. Amanda/Steven and Tim/Tiffany, both did takes on eggs benedict, are the best 2 teams and safe from elimination. The remaining teams move onto lunch service. Lunch winners: Angelo/Tamesha (some Asian beef dish) and Alex/Ed (who completely plated their scallop dish, after a breakfast fail).

The pressure is on for the dinner round because, as Padma reminds them, 2 people are going home. Lynn and Arnold fight and she's pretty nasty, blabbing on about how she knows so much about cooking pasta, so clearly she is going home tonight since she's had zero air time before tonight. Kenny/Kevin and Kelly/Andrea both make short ribs, so there's even more competition, but based on appearance Kelly/Andrea's looks better (and judges like it better too). Padma, Tom and Eric convene for the main judges table and bring the 3 dinner teams in. Kelly/Andrea are the winning team for their wonderful flavors (eventhough they made 2 crappy dishes before), get added to the Hilton menu, and win trips; score one for the ladiiiiiies. The pasta comes under fire for being undercooked, but Tom appreciated their risky squid ink pasta. Kenny/Kevin's dish lacked the glaze and basting that the winning dish had, but they felt they had enough glaze. After deliberation, Lynn and Arnold pack their knives and go, along with Arnold's witty commentary. Boo-urns!

New! Big Brother 12 - Welcome houseguests! A new batch of houseguests are entering for a chance at $500k except for one person who is the saboteur. The saboteur isn't playing the same game, they're there to wreak havoc. The video package of the new HGs goes to show the show had 2 requirements: young and white. There's a few outliers but it's mostly people who clearly know think BB will make them famous. There's a gay guy, bisexual girl, Italian guy, big boobed women, dumb jocks, and an Orthodox Jew. But who is the saboteur? Chenbot, the suspense is killing me!

The houseguests enter in groups and begin their usual fight for beds since of course there aren't enough (and that's because BB wants some sexy times). The house has been redecorated with sort of a Miami theme and it's super bright and funky, so exactly my style. Then everyone meets in the living room to introduce themselves and Matt is the first to lie, omitting the fact that he's a genius in Mensa. Rachel looks like that wrestling chick from Celebrity Apprentice and has giant boobs ("Boob City" says Monet). Brendan is a good looking guy and seems kind of awkward- saboteur perhaps? Andrew makes an awesome joke about thinking this was a speed dating place for single Jews and then chooses to completely lie and say he's an ex-stock trader, now a shoe salesman since he was laid off. Huge lie! He's a podiatrist and everyone knows doctors that do the weird shit make big money. See Andrew, this is why I picked you to win! Ragan, he sorta reminds me of Tim Roth, lies about being a communications professor, but I don't see why because teachers make nada so who cares? Annie decides to not tell the HGs she's bisexual for fear it could hurt her game, but she has told us the viewers at least 5 times so yeah, we get it. The lies start early on Big Brother.

Julie reveals the big twist to the HGs, that someone in the house that isn't really playing the game to win, and there are lots of "wows!" and gasps. The saboteur can go after individuals, groups, anyone and they are still eligible to win HOH or POV, but their goal isn't to win the half million prize, but instead to make it to the halfway point in 5 weeks and if they make it that far, they get $50k. If the saboteur gets eliminated before that, they get nothing. Boob City worries moreso that she won't be able to have a showmance with anyone because they could be a saboteur. God forbid you bang the mole.

The first HOH competition splits the house into 2 teams of 6, but there are 13 HGs. 1 person must sit out and be the mascot and can't be HOH: Andrew volunteers. Suspicion that he's the saboteur begins which makes no sense cause if you were trying to screw people over, you'd probably want to compete. The embarrassing costumes start off right away, putting Andrew is a hot dog costume... I hope it's a kosher hot dog suit. Good news is he might not have the chance to be HOH, but he's safe from eviction this week. There are 2 giant hot dogs over a pit, and Boob City Rachel talks about wanting to hang on the wieners. If you want to know which HG I already hate, take a guess.

Basically the goal is to be the last person on the other platform via weenie swing to win HOH; get there early and you can win some money, gain a target. Shocking, Rachel takes off her shirt to try and grab the bag. OMG EVICT RACHEL NOW. Big Brother lubes the wieners with ketchup and mustard, leading to everyone slipping off and Britney gets injured in the process. While the medic tends to Britney, her teammates plot a strategy for one to get HOH and give safety to the other. Britney is replaced in the competition and Kristen has to come back and try to cross again, which she easily does. Hayden of the Red team is the last to cross over and is the first HOH of the season; Monet, 1st to cross over, wins $10k.

The saboteur makes his/her first strike by turning out the lights, and wouldn't you know Brendon is walking around the house at the time thinking BB was telling them it's time for bed... like it's summer camp. Andrew decides to pull some pranks and throws pillows at them in the dark. While dark, the pantry room is locked so it's a slop diet for all- suckers! Going forward, us viewers will be able to get the saboteur instructions, just like America's Player a few seasons back. The saboteur's identity is secret for now, but soon we'll know and use them as a tool to ruin the lives of unpopular players.

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