August 27, 2010

Reality Rundown: Goodbye to the Gremlin and Mr. Clean

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Big Brother 12 - Week 7

The HGs fondly flashback to Matt's playing of the Diamond Power of Veto, with Ragan so excited, Enzo and Hayden nervous, and Brendon displeased at being called a big dummy. The Brigade realizes that telling Matt he was going home made them look bad, while Matt comes to the realization that he's not as important to the Brigade as he thought. Well Matt, they had to vote someone from the Brigade out so there was a 50/50 chance it could've been you, so simma down.

There's also a Have/Have Not competition where 2 teams of 3 will order a shot and 2 are delicious, while 1 is nasty. The other team has to guess who took the nasty shot. Ragan's over the top theatrics seal a victory for his team (Lane, Matt) so Enzo, Brendon, and Hayden are Have Nots who get to dine on broccoli and bean dip all week. Farty! In other news, Lane benches 325lbs, Britney's boyfriend is not a Greek god, and a moth terrorizes the backyard.

Brendon approaches HOH Britney hoping she'll stay true to the deal she made last week, but of course she's screwed because Brendon has to be nominated- no brainer. Enzo begins to have suspicions about Matt since he realizes last week Matt was ultimately testing their loyalty and messing with them. Knowing he's likely to get nominated, Enzo (along with Lane and Hayden) tries to make a case for Matt to be nominated. Britney is worried but somewhat receptive to the idea so bounces it off Matt, and duh, of course he isn't a fan of this plan. Britney chooses to nominate Brendon for targeting her last week and Enzo for never being on the block before.

Brendon heads to the Have Not room to wear an eye mask and talk to the spirit of his beloved Rachel, while Hayden and Lane realize this could be the perfect time to backdoor their Brigade-mate Matt. The Power of Veto competition is to accept punishments to win points towards the veto, or give up points to win prizes. Britney assumes her fellow HGs are on the same page to skip the prizes and get Brendon out of this game, but it doesn't work. Enzo gives all his clothes to charity and has to wear a penguin suit (literally a penguin, not a tux), but it's not enough to win the veto. Of course, Brendon wins the POV after opting to take a chum bath for 24 hours, shave his head bald, handcuff himself to Britney, and be a Have Not for 3 weeks. Meanwhile, Hayden is sitting pretty because the prizes were anonymous and he left with a Hawaiian vacation and $5k; Lane won a phone call home.

Britney is livid about what occured at the POV competition, and her pal lane informs her Matt took all the prizes (false). Her day goes from bad to worse when she finds Pandora's Box and chooses to open it for a chance to get advice from a former houseguest. Turns out, it's Season 10/11 HG Jesse, "Mr. Pectacular" aka biggest a-hole ever, and his advice is weight-training advice. Since Britney got the shit-end of Pandora's Box, the rest of the HG's get the positive which is a Hawaiian tiki party with food, drinks, leis, and limbo. After being freed from the box, Britney is then handcuffed to Brendon and suffers through his on-the-hour-for-24-hours chum baths.

Now that Brendon is safe, Britney needs to name a replacement nominee and Matt is desperate so he throws BFF Ragan under the bus to keep the Brigade together. Matt urges his fellow Brigade members to put a bug in Britney's ear (forcefully) to get Ragan out. The Brigade does suggest a replacement nominee to Britney: Matt. Once Britney realizes how untrustworthy Matt is, willing to sacrifice his best friend just to stay in the house, she puts him on the block and it looks like the DPOV is on his way out this week.

Ragan is upset to hear Matt threw him under the bus and when Hayden and Enzo explain that last week they planned to split the votes between Lane and Matt something clicks. Ragan realizes the guys are aligned. Matt tries to leverage Ragan's Brigade knowledge into votes to keep him in the house, but it fails and he's voted out unanimously. Matt realizes "he Baba Booeyed" the HOH competition by throwing it, calls Britney a succubus (which Julie considers to be a terrible word) and heads off to the jury house. But he won't be alone because it's a double eviction night.

HOH competition: answer a question about HGs by retrieving the 2 correct names from cardboard boxes filled with packing peanuts. Really breaking the bank on this competition. Office Depot must be so grateful for the business. Hayden answers the question correctly and buzzes into his punch light 1st so he is the HOH. He has a mere commercial break to decide on his nominees, but there's enough time for a Cabana room pow wow between the remaining Brigade members and Mr. Clean aka Bald-on aka Brendon. Hayden and his mop top nominate Brendon and Ragan.

Veto competition: step up or down to answer before or after events in the house. Big Brother really thought outside of the box for this competition which happens same time every year and they've been studying for it all week. Jeez BB, think of some new stuff if even the HGs can figure out your next move. Ragan wins the POV, so Britney quickly scrambles to assure she has the votes to keep her against Bald-on. In a unanimous vote, Brendon is at long last evicted from Big Brother. Looks like sexin' for him and Rachel in the jury house.

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