August 20, 2010

Reality Rundown: He Has the Diamond Power of Veto, Ya Dummy

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Big Brother 12 - Week 6

The show does an amazing job of really dragging out the rope HOH challenge so I'll keep it brief: Brendon seeks revenge for his beloved Rachel and wins HOH. He gets to pick 3 Have Nots so pick Britney, Ragan and Matt, the ones he blames for Rachel's eviction. Matt is also annoyed because the Brigade isn't holding their end in challenges, leaving it all up to him. Little does Matt know, Enzo and Hayden made a side alliance with Brendon and Rachel last week for safety this week and to target Britney and Ragan, who have strong friendships with the remaining Brigade members.

Britney and Ragan are taking becoming Have Nots pretty terribly. They're crying in the Have Not room, lamenting their situation, and their likelihood of being nominated this week. Lane hopes to keep Britney safe because she's a good person, and because he feels they're like Raisin Bran cereal (which he confusingly thinks could be made of cookies). Enzo and Hayden, meanwhile, are losing their faith in Matt and gaining more trust with Brendon. Brendon's initial idea is to target Lane and Britney, which alarms Enzo because Lane is Brigade so he make an effort to plant some Ragan seeds.

Ragan takes on yet another saboteur task, which is pretty lame: re-bring up the idea of lifelong friends and suggest it's male/female. Since there's only 2 women left, they're pretty upset since the target on their backs becomes even larger. But the saboteur is still a Have Not and this week Ragan, Britney and Matt will dine on escargot and eggplant.

Ragan offers to speak with Brendon to try and save himself and Matt, but Matt encourages Ragan to just fight for himself. Why? Oh yeah, because Matt has the Diamond Power of Veto and can shake the house up this week by saving himself and naming his own replacement nominee. Ragan makes an alliance offer to Brendon, one that makes kind of good sense since no one would see it coming, but Brendon is too hooked on hating people who hate Rachel to make a deal with them. Brendon pulls Britney aside to make a deal for safety next week if he doesn't nominate her, and Britney kind of agrees without explicitly saying it. After all is said and done, Brendon nominates Ragan and Lane.

Ragan quickly realizes that his days in the house are numbered and knows the POV is his only hope to stay and to get his $20k saboteur money, even if it would lead to the eviction of one of his house BFFs (Matt or Britney). The most awesome addition to the house, Zingbot 3000, enters to host the POV competition and throw out zinger at the HGs. The veto comp is to collect puzzle pieces, cross a balance beam, and assemble the puzzle on a spinning platform; if you fall you're out. Wanna guess the only HG that falls? KATHY. What a waste. Ragan has a good strategy for solving the puzzles so Brendon decides he should take on another strategy: cheat off Ragan. Ragan ends up winning the POV, ensuring another week in the house, but at least Brendon got a hug from Zingbot.

Brendon enters the HOH room to be tempted by Pandora's Box, hinting at a vacation for 2 and a video of his lady-love Rachel. The idea of banging Rachel somewhere tropical is too appealing, so Brendon opens Pandora's Box, puts on a blindfold and leaves the house. Brendon arrives at a big mansion in Malibu for massages and delicious cuisine, calling out for his dear Rachel, but there's no answer because Rachel has been sent on a vacation of her own.

Ding dong! Front door bell is ringing. Ragan opens the door cautiously to be greeted by, "I'M BACK BITCHES!" It is Rachel and she is back to plague this house for 24 hours (she still hasn't understand she is meant to be the evil from Pandora's Box, not the positive). She claims they have to be nice to her since she's jury but Ragan could care less. Rachel asks Ragan if he's bitchy because he's gay, and this is the first comment setting off a shitshow of events. After antagonizing Have Not Ragan about cookies he lays into Rachel and it is AMAZING. Any time I get annoyed with Ragan in the house, I use the FlashBack player to rewatch this fight. It is epic (watch the CBS edited version - the real thing is even better).

Rachel makes one last statement before leaving and writes "MATT" in pretzels in the HOH room as a message to Brendon which is a huge violation of the Big Brother rules. Of course, BB doesn't care because this works out perfectly: Brendon makes a deal with Britney, follows the pretzels and nominates Matt for eviction. Sounds shitty, right? Don't forget, Matt has the Diamond Power of Veto and will rock their world Thursday night (just like Big Brother wanted). While I'm all for the DPOV being played, this ain't right Big Brother. You obviously changed the rules of the entire game just to cater to this move. Seems preeeetty unfair and ultimately really changed the outcome of the game, especially since the Diary Room allegedly told Matt they didn't catch the pretzels on camera (blatant lie).

Now on the block, but possessing the Diamond Power of Veto, Matt has to fake mope around the house all week. It's eating Ragan up inside, and already Enzo is campaigning for Matt's jury vote. Matt takes notice of this, considering putting his fellow Brigade member up. The saboteur's latest act of "destruction" is to place a note saying "I know your secret" under someone's pillow, so he chooses Enzo. Turns out earlier Kathy made the beds, so she becomes a prime suspect and this gives Matt another reason, besides Pretzelgate, to put Kathy up as his replacement.

Julie brings us back to the house for stupid Q&A before she asks for final speeches. Matt gets to go first and gives a speech taking lots of shots at Brendon for targeting him, but pointing out he came oh so close, because he has the Diamond Power of Veto (which is falling apart since Big Brother makes the chintziest things ever). He also calls Brendon a dummy, which provides me a moment of laughter. The house is shocked, with Ragan in tears of joy and Brendon stoic. Citing her performance in competitions, Kathy is named the replacement nominee and easily voted out in a 5-0 vote. She has no hard feelings, gets the game, and heads off to the jury house which is hopefully filled with root beer, cigarettes, and a Sleepnumber mattress.

The day before elimination, the house played Big Brother Says throughout the day, having to do stupid tasks. The HOH competition is to answer True/False questions based on what they did. Matt throws it because he's sitting pretty. It comes down to Britney and Enzo (I know, he actually tried) and Britney wins the HOH! Brendon, grab a life vest!

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