August 31, 2010

Bachelor Pad: Not a Good Mix - Like Champagne and Vodka (In One Glass)

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Bachelor Pad - Week 4

Post-elimination, Wes and Dave get into it over sending Gia over, with Dave calling him a "jackass." Dave hates that he was put into a tiebreaker situation, so of course he's pissed. Wes ain't afraid of Dave and is ready to take him on. It's around this time that appropriately the house receives a survey to fill out anonymously to find out how they feel about each other. It's like Family Feud if instead of families it's a bunch of people that have went to the Bone Zone with each other. What a shocker, Tenley cries about it.

Co-host Melissa grabs everyone for the challenge which utilizes those wonderful, honest surveys. Guess what the majority of the house answered for each survey question; first guy and girl to get 4 points wins a rose. Turns out the majority of the house think Kiptyn will win and I agree (the fix is in!) Krisily is voted house enemy, Elizabeth most shallow (she doesn't know what that means), Gwen (??) dumbest (Natalie voted for herself and stull got it wrong). Tenley earns 4 points first, so she gets a rose. Wonder if she'll use it to put the moves on Kiptyn? Gwen (??) is completely shattered that the house called her dumbest and suddenly everyone realizes what a shitty game it is. But oh so good for viewers! My favorite question "Who will be a bridesmaid, never a bride" is the greatest fear for the women; that honor is bestowed upon Natalie. She's pretty upset, especially since her new boyfriend Dave even voted for her. Ouch! After Wes and Dave get eliminated on biggest jerk (Wes), it's a Jesse battle: Kovacs vs. the one I actually like. They receive the ULTIMATE question: who has the worst boob job? But it's about majority, not what they think and Kovacs struggles with voting for his nasty bitch of a girlfriend Elizabeth. Jesse B picks Elizabeth, Kovacs picks Krisily, and Jesse B wins because Elizabeth is a jerk with ugly fake boobs. Jesse B and Tenley will get dates later, but instead of 3 people it's solo dates.

After the challenge, the house is flooded with tears since everyone realized what nasty human beings they are. Girls crying in tubs, closets, corners- it's insanity! Natalie's epiphany, that she is perceived as a loose party girl, leads her to a revelation that she needs to grow up. Jesse comforts bad boobs Elizabeth, who insists the other girls are simply jealous and Elizabeth. Yes, I know I'd be jealous of a person whose hideous dye job matches the nasty personality inside that skull of hers. But it's nice that Kovacs acknowledges that he doesn't want to compromise his relationship with Elizabeth for prize money.

In a non-shocker, Tenley takes "an island escape for 2" with Kiptyn. At long last, my favorite Bachelor/Bachelorette castmember returns: THE HELICOPTER. Kiptyn has never been in a helicopter before (Seriously? He was on The Bachelorette and never took a helicopter ride) and head to Catalina. Unfortunately, this date does not involve an ornate Wine Mixer with a helicopter ice sculpture; instead, they go ziplining. Big deal- I did that at YMCA camp in 5th grade. The 2 of them use the zipline as a metaphor for their relationship, taking it to new heights- cliches abound! They drink wine and discuss their relationship and if it has to be so secret in the house and kiss. At night there's a private dinner on the beach by a campfire with champagne, annoying giggling, and finally some PDA since Kiptyn decides he doesn't have to push Tenley away. Tenley gives Kiptyn the rose, there's more kissing, and Kiptyn is eager to explore the relationship. And explore they do in the Fantasy Suite! Ok, probably not that exploring, but they probably kiss and giggle. After their date, Kiptyn requests they put a game face on to avoid being targets and no one is buying it.

Jesse B's date card arrives boasting "The sky's the limit." More helicopters I hope!! Krisily has this look like "oh my god, I'm totally getting picked!" but duh, he picks Peyton. After their drag racing date and a fantasy suite night- kind of a given. Bad news: no helicopter. It's a biplane and they squeeze into the backseat with goofy hates while their pilot zips them through the Los Angeles sky. Jesse almost immediately gives Peyton a rose at dinner/drinks in an airplane hanger. Jesse B has his first martini, then burps, insults, and picks HER nose through their romantic evening. It's a bit of a turnoff to Peyton who wishes he was a little classier; well, you gave him straight vodka. Which he then mixed with champagne. The romance is fizzling out.

Random going-ons in the house: The house speculates about Kiptyn and Tenley's relationship and Wes is the only person who seems concerned with getting the couples out. Kovacs also opens up to Elizabeth to express his feelings for her and how she gives him butterflies. Who needs a private beach cabana when you can feel each other up in the hot tub? The house believes Jesse B and Peyton will definitely make out on their date, but no sexin'. Krisily is a loner in the house so pulls Dave aside to try and make her way into the In crowd. Peyton nixes the Fantasy Suite card after their shitty date; better a partner/friendship to get to the prize for now.

With Kiptyn and Jesse B already rosed, there are only 3 guys to choose from: Dave (who no one even considers eliminating) Wes or Kovacs. Krisily is wise enough to consider eliminating Kovacs since him and Elizabeth are a power couple. Even Kovacs knows it's smart to eliminate him, but his pal Dave wants to keep him around and will schmooze to make it happen. Wes campaigns to the Outside women because he's sick of the people just wanting to stick around and party. It's do or die to eliminate a couple- can they finally get rid of Kovacs?

You know how before I discussed all the strategy of which guy to vote out? Well, the men seem to wait until the last minute to decide. At the cocktail party/voting, Kovacs throws Gwen's name into the mix because she's not close to anyone, while Kiptyn seems to think Krisily is a better option. Dave and Krisily pow-wow and Dave implies she's not on the chopping block, and then slips into game mode asking who she's voting for. Basically, Dave asks her to keep his boy Kovacs in the game since he took her on the date before. Krisily, so gullible to get into the In crowd. Kiptyn is torn how to vote because he considers Gwen a friend, but his buds want Gwen out. The votes are cast, roses are handed out, and Krisily and Wes are eliminated. Krisily is rightfully angry, which goes to show she switched her vote for no loyalty in return. Jesus, just give Kiptyn the giant check now.

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