August 27, 2010

Reality Rundown: They Kicked Your Ascot

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Top Chef DCProject Runway

Top Chef DC - After watching Ed walk around the house in Tiffany's dress and finding out Angelo prays to an altar of 4 star chefs, they head to the kitchen for the Quickfire. Judged by Top Chef Master competitor Rick Moonen, the chefs have to choose a food idiom to inspire a dish. "Hide the salami" gets the most laughs from us immature viewers. The winner's dish will also be incorporated into Schwann's frozen meal repertoire. Kelly's "sour grapes" chicken with grape puree is voted least favorite along with Amanda's "big cheese" mac and cheese with a pork chop. Kevin's "bring home the bacon" is bacon 3 ways, and Ed's "hot potato" gnocchi is pretty good especially since it was merely an hour of prep time. Ed is selected the winner of the Quickfire because you can't freeze a fried egg with bacon foam very well.

Elimination Challenge: work in a team to run a high-end concession stand at the Washington Nationals game. Kelly takes the reigns as leader but is more dominating and demanding rather than helpful. The kitchen is chaos with Ed yelling, Angelo realizing his pork is taking up a lot of prep time, and the late-night realization that someone's job is going to be to take orders. Angelo agrees to take orders, but sees right through Kelly's methodical way of passing the responsibility to others. Angelo tries to go back on this when they arrive to the park, but Kevin goes bananas. Angelo is stuck having someone else plate for him, but goes back into villain mode when he doesn't offer Amanda advice to help her tuna tartar not oxidize.

The crowd arrives and orders fly in, mostly for Tiffany's meatball sub and Kelly's crabcake BLT. The National players that stop by pretty like everything, but like the meatball sub and Angelo's pork best. The team vibes well and does a great service, except Kevin who is a total downer and no one wants to order his chicken kebabs.

Now that there's 6 cheftestants, everyone is called into judging at the same time. Angelo's order running is questioned, causing some debate among them. The judges evaluate their favorites first. Ed's corn fritters are crispy on the outside and creamy in the middle. Tiffany's dish is sloppy but absolutely delicious and flavorful. Ed wins the Elimination Challenge (and a trip to Australia), making him a double challenge winner this week, but you've got to win 3 more in a row to top Tiffany. And the not so good. Amanda's vegetables were good, but her tartar was gray, creeping out the diners. Kevin is credited for a good idea, but the marinade didn't come through, the fries were soggy, and Eric Ripert feared choking on a long kebab stick (that's what she said). Kelly's crabcake BLT was critiqued for being a little soft and to cut down the bacon; so yeah, she's safe. Angelo's pork was good (maybe a little sugary), but the soggy bread overpowered the whole thing. Underdog Amanda, who lasted about 8 weeks longer than expected, is sent packing.

Project Runway - Team challenge! There are two teams of 6, selected gym class style, and old lady Peach is last picked and ends up on the underdog team. One person from the losing team will go home. The challenge is to create a 6 piece collection on trend for fall 2010. There's some concepts (like military and minimalist) and textiles (lace, leather, etc) and one from each must be selected as the collection's inspiration. They also force in the Garnier hair guy; I fast forward.

The A-Team, which I've dubbed them since they're all the challenge winners, selects menswear for women with the textile of camel. Their strategy isn't for each to do one look, rather do the stuff you do best and mix and match. Last week's winner Michael is jealous that his 1st pick, Gretchen, has become the defacto team leader, but they're vibing well. The Underdogs choose military and lace- oh dear god that sounds terrible. It sounds like they already know they're losers, which frustrates old lady Peach.

I thought both collections were terrible. The Underdogs are named the winning team and then the judges evaluate their looks for an individual winner. Their collection is deemed young and fun, whereas I see is as Forever 21 clothes. Casanova, despite having a tantrum, makes sleek white pants with a black lace top that the judges love. Peach does a blue pencil-esque skirt with a red lace top. The winner is nutball Casanova whose look was the most tolerable in my eyes.

The A-Team, formerly a team of winners now losers, heads into judging with Gretchen giving some long-winded speech I totally ignored. She blabs about standing united and don't ask us to name names. Oh god, STFU Gretchen. Their collection has no individuality, poorly proportioned, and drab colors. The worst look (Ivy's) is deemed "Golden Girl vest" and it looks like something worn on The Brady Bunch. There's a shiny shirtdress with riding pants and an ascot by AJ; Fred from Scooby Doo would like that part. Gretchen starts to cover their asses, claiming they knew it was old and styling was to cover up an ugly collection. The team throws immune Michael under the bus, pointing out his lack of technical skills impeded the team. To show their worth, everyone walks down the line and points out the ugly pieces they made so hardly any photo links here since it's all a mishmash of designers. Gretchen is spared elimination and AJ, his "flight attendant shirtdress" and ascot are AUF'd.

Post elimination, Tim comes to retrieve the eliminated contestant and rips into the A-Team, especially Gretchen for manipulating everyone and AJ for taking the bullet. Looks like you got SERVED by the Gunn!

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