August 16, 2010

Reality Rundown: Whose Chicken Cutlet is in the Hot Tub?

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Jersey Shore

Angelina continues to be a sloppy mess with Pauly D and The Situation, slapping them around (literally), leading to a lot of screaming to get her to go away. Considering Pauly D is pretty drama-free, you've gotta realize how pissed he is. Get a clue, Angelina. The next morning she plays the blackout card, cries behind her giant sunglasses, and apologizes to Pauly. Pauly accepts the apology, but in terms of being friends and hanging out, she's cut off. GTL with a new friend, Angelina. The guys beg the girls to befriend Angelina because they can't have her around all the time. Snooki understands how Angelina feels because the first night ever at the house, Snooki was the outcast. Angelina finally admits she talked smack about Snooki and Angelina and all is well (for now).

The gang begins their job at the gelato shop, forcing JWoww to wear a normal t-shirt that actually covers her boobs. The boss, Enzo, seems to like Vinny best since he calls him "Vincenzo." Vinny is a hard worker, plus he uses it as a way to hit on girls. Later, Vinny goes to a black barbershop to get his hair cut because he needs a place to give him a straightedge. The huge Vinny news is that he sleeps with a drunk table-crushing Snooki!!! Not that way folks, they tricked us. Vinny's storylines are always classic.

Mike, Vinnie and Pauly plan to have a guys night out and combine their initials to form their elite crew, MVP. Angelina wants to tag along too and the guys don't want her around, so they hatch a plan to run away from her since she again can't take a hint. The club the guys go to doesn't have the caliber of ladies they were hoping (Vinny calls it "the Bronx zoo") but as the sign says, no one is ugly after 2AM so they bring some girls home to the hot tub. As The Situation rubs his tanned face with some hot water his vision finally clears: the hot tub is full of grenades! The grenades are sent home once someone's chicken cutlet bra insert falls into the hot tub and they play catch with it.

Sammi and Ronnie- ugh, do I have to? Things seem to be on the up and up, where they're single but rebuilding. At the club, Ronnie gets into Sloppy Joe mode again and sends Sammi home when she's being a Debbie Downer, so she heads home and cries. Ronnie then continues his nasty drunk antics of crazy dancing, kissing grenades, oh and shoving Snooki who was just trying to convince Ronnie he has a good thing with Sammi. The guys break it up quick and are tired of how terrible of a drunk Ronnie is. The house is also torn about whether or not to tell Sammi about the Ronnie she's not seeing. The Situation thinks Sammi must have an idea, comparing it to believing in the Tooth Fairy. The Situation is classic. Ronnie is torn too since sometimes he misses Sammi and other time he likes smooching grenades. Sammi and Ronnie plan to spend a night in, but once Ronnie hear the guys are going out, he ditches Sammi for the club. God, this is so repetitive. Snooki and Angelina go to dinner together and lament the Sammi/Ronnie drama, wondering what Sammi's response would be to finding out about Ronnie. They want to be good friends but aren't sure how to handle it.

Finally, Snooki sucks at scooping gelato, while The Situation tries to use his abs to attract customers. While bored on the nightshirt, Snooki sits on a giant stone camel at the gelato shop that hurts her vagina.

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