August 23, 2010

Serving of the Week

8/23/2010 Posted by Mel Got Served , No comments

Name: Farrah, Teen Mom
SERVED: Poor Farrah. A year ago I couldn't stand the girl; she drove me nuts. Season 2 of MTV's Teen Mom has sort of been a Farrah redemption, with her finally growing up and taking care of her adorable daughter Sophia, even if she's far from perfect. Farrah got SERVED hard this week and is learning the hard way how difficult it is to be a single teen mom.

Farrah decided this past week that she wanted a better car so decided to sell her current car on Craigslist and get herself a new ride (was it really necessary? No). Despite a Craigslist warning screen about keeping large-value sales local, Farrah sold her car to some guy out of state who would pay $5,000 for the car and $3,000 to ship it. He sent her a check for $8k and Farrah immediately withdrew the $3k for shipping- except the check was bad and didn't clear. Long story short, Farrah got screwed out of 3 grand, while also overdrafting her account, and then while talking to her banker her baby fell on the floor hard. Oh Farrah, you got so SERVED. You have a car- be happy with what you have and save your cash.

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Photo Credit: MTV