September 10, 2010

Reality Rundown: The Final Snore

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Big Brother 12 - Week 9

The Christmas tree ornament HOH competition lasts for what seems like forever. Britney breaks about a dozen ornaments and eventually gets the hang of it. Enzo is slow. Hayden is a machine, a master of chicken wire maneuvering. He wins HOH and Britney knows she's going up on the block- but who to go up with her?

Because the final 4 is always a boring time, Big Brother threw in a luxury competition to fill an hour of television amuse the houseguests. Each HG had to hide a big coin in the house and search for the coins; last coin left win $10k. Hayden hides his in a cereal box, Enzo behind a wall decoration, Lane under the recycle bin, and Britney in a cereal box in the trash. The trash is the first place to look and once Hayden is unsuccessful, he just dumps the trash into the backyard dumpster. Search, search, search, time filler, etc. Britney's coin is the last one standing, so she can get evicted this week with $10k at least.

The house is still boring: they get a tiny table, have a pillow fight, and ponder if Britney is still engaged. HOH Hayden isn't resting on his laurels; he uses this week to secure final 2 deals depending on who wins the final competition next week. Lane's closeness to Britney still bugs the Brigade, so Lane, the diary room gesticulator and king of one-liners, is placed on the block. But all that matters this week is POV: the person with the POV has all the power.

Wednesday's episode a "live" eviction, so we get a Wednesday appearance by the Chenbot. The Power of Veto competition is to answer questions by finding the creepy glamour shot poster of evicted HGs. Enzo and Lane are worthless in trivia, so Hayden has to step it up to keep nominations the same and get the Brigade to final 3. I guess the guys were too busy planning their post-Big Brother fame to study (which, BTW, is delusions of grandeur). Hayden wins, sealing Britney's fate in the game. But she doesn't know that until...

The Brigade comes clean. Enzo, being the dick he is, beats around the bush asking if Britney thought there were any alliances, etc. Long story short, Enzo and Lane explain the Brigade and how they've been aligned since day 2. Enzo says they all took side alliances to guarantee their safety, which you see crushes Britney who now believe Lane has used her the past 9 weeks. Enzo keeps talking about how awesome they were and what a success, but it's not really a complete success if your 4 man alliance is now 3 and you turned on that person. Anyways, Hayden finally gets up to the HOH room and is surprised about the big reveal without him. He tells Britney he's glad she won the $10k in the luxury competition and then it sets in for Britney: Hayden isn't taking her to final 3 as promised. She's crushed, rightfully so, because she's played so hard for nothing. Lane tries to smooth things over, but Britney climbs into her bed and cries.

At eviction, Britney seems to have gotten to a happier place and says if she's not in the Brigade she's an honorary member or at least a casualty. Enzo casts his sole vote to evict Britney and she heads out the doors to talk to Julie. At least Britney was able to learn in the goodbye messages that Lane wasn't playng her and truly wanted to take her to the final 2. The night ends with part 1 of the 3 part HOH competition, and it's actually a cool competition. It's the usual hang on a rope and get bumped into the wall, but this time there's a zipline added in to slam them into one wall, then another.

Enzo falls off the rope 19 minutes in the competition. I think Enzo is actually competiting for the title of Biggest Loser. Lane and Hayden battle it out for 2 1/2 hours and Lane takes a bump into the wall that knocks him off. Hayden wins part 1 and will advance to the 3rd and final HOH competition. Time filler includes Enzo's family talking about how great he is, even if he's the worst challenge competitor ever. The 2nd HOH competition is Frankenstein faces, which are far creepier than the glamour shots, where 2 HGs faces are blended together; identify the HGs in 2 minutes. If there's a tie, whoever is fastest wins. They try to keep up the suspense but since we saw the clock we know Lane wins and is heading into the final HOH competition against Hayden.

Also, Ragan enters the jury house and gets the big reveal from Matt about his wife. Ragan is crushed that Matt lied about something so huge. That drama doesn't last long since Rachel comes out and instigates a fight about being a bad communicator or something. She really doesn't listen (as she accuses Ragan of not listening) and it's so dumb. Go away forever Rachel.