September 3, 2010

Reality Rundown: Just Put Hayden's Name on the Giant Check Now

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Big Brother 12 - Week 8

A long recap of the previous episode shows that Hayden intended for Brendon to be the pawn, but sometimes the pawn gets sent home. The Brigade strategize and Lane hopes Enzo wins HOH so he's the one that gets his hands dirty by sending home Britney and Ragan. Too bad Enzo is terrible at competitions. In some ball-shooting teeter totter challenge, Lane becomes the new HOH. Ragan knows he's a dead man walking, so the questions is will Lane be loyal to the Brigade or Britney?

Big Brother, ever lacking in creativity, brings out Pandora's Box again. This time, Pandora's Box tempts Lane with a money tree (covered in gold chains and envelopes) that potentially has $10,000. He opens PB and is told to open 3 envelopes and for each envelope he opens, a punishment will be inflicted on the whole house (including him). Lane opens his 3 envelopes for a whopping prize intake of $91.17. The whole house knows he must've gotten PB, and Lane explains his shitty prize and the punishments. And oh what torture: punishment #1 is no cups or silverware. The humanity!!

Britney and Lane have a chat and he seems torn about putting her up as a pawn. He approaches his fellow Brigade members who are taken aback that he is even considering other options. Blah blah, time filler, Lane nominates Enzo and Ragan for eviction.

Ragan spends a lot of time alone studying trivia to keep himself in the game. Enzo is bummed to be on the block to, but celebrates his freedom from the penguin suit with a "shunning of the penguin" ceremony. The HGs enter the backyard for the Power of Veto competition which has replaced Otev with tiki god with Otev the Broadway Clam that bears a resemblance to a public figure made predominantly of ground beef. Otev the Clam and his little top hat will sing a ditty and the HGs have to search muddy water for CDs with a combo name, like "Brenchel." The shunning of the penguin suit must have brought a new level of strength to Enzo, like physical strength because he slams Ragan around to get the winning CD. Enzo wins his first competition in the Big Brother house. About f'ing time. Ragan is so angry he whips a CD at Otev, which ricochets and hits Enzo in the dome too.

Ragan is devastated to have lost, while Enzo calls him a sore loser. I don't know if he's using it metaphorically or literally since Ragan got a good slamming. Considering he's been such a loser all season, Enzo is pretty arrogant strutting around like a douche. I mean, Ragan is a pretty sad sight, moping in the cabana room all alone but Enzo acts like this is the greatest thing ever. You've won ONE competition in 60 days- pretty shitty track record. Hayden and Britney chat in the kitchen and it's a question of who will replace Enzo on the block. Britney promises Lane final 2, saying it's stupid to ditch her with that kind of promise. Hayden and Enzo want Britney up because they'd control the votes and could "backdoor" Britney out of the game. For the millionth time HGs, a backdoor means they didn't get to play for the veto and is evicted.

The 2nd punishment from Lane's lame Pandora's Box appears: the HGs must wear sock puppets and speak with them for 12 hours or else they will be Have Nots. Funny? Yes. Punishment? Uh, not really. The Meow Meow puppet even comes complete with whiskers. Most of the house has with their puppets, getting into discussions about golf tournaments and bragging about the Brigade. Ragan morosely talks to his little bow-tied puppet in the hammock, comparing it to Wilson the volleyball from Castaway. The puppets stop and are replaced with punishment #3: anytime music comes on in the next 12 hours they have to dance. It's some light-hearted fun but again, hardly a punishment. Well it's a punishment to watch Hayden dance- he might be worse than me and that's saying something.

But back to the game: Lane asks Hayden if he's OK going home, but claims he'd put Britney up but worries they would eliminate her. Lane gauges if Britney would be fine going up, and she's not stupid and knows the guys would turn on her. Britney points out that Hayden would easily sweep the votes in the jury house. Anyone would lose to him, and it's a good point. Lane realizes Britney makes some valid point and places Hayden on the block.

Lane begins to realize his alliance wants Britney out next week but Britney is his surefire way to get the votes in the jury house. Ragan makes an excellent case to Britney and Lane about why he should stay in the house. It's a given that if Hayden or Enzo make it to final 2, they'll win the game. There seems like hope for a split second, but ultimately Ragan is eliminated and heading to the jury house. Unlike other HGs, Ragan is at least going home $20k richer from being the lame twist aka Saboteur 2.0.

Speaking of the jury house, we get some footage there of seeing the 4 jury members thus far. Rachel is happy and sad to see Brendon and likes his creepy bald head. The big shocker comes when Matt reveals the lie about his wife's disease and Kathy gets pretty pissed. She shows more energy here than she did her entire time in the house. As a cancer survivor, she's offended and Rachel and Brendon are pissed too. Well if they're pissed, wait til Ragan hears about it!

The HOH competition is to decorate a Christmas tree shape by pulling ornaments through chicken wire. Yeah, you have to watch it to make sense of it. Britney is terrible at it out of the gate. A "snowstorm" hits to distract them and we all saw that coming because it's not a Big Brother challenge unless HGs are getting shot in the face with something. It's another To Be Continued but the good news is I can just check live feeds and well, here's the new HOH.

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