September 24, 2010

Reality Rundown: The Red Hots are for my Mommy

New! The Biggest LoserSurvivor: Nicaragua
Top Chef: Just DessertsProject Runway

New! The Biggest Loser - This season, Bob, Jillian, Alison Sweeney and some special guests are visiting 7 cities around the country to motivate and pick castmembers for this season. In each city there are 3 finalists who compete for 1 of 2 spots; the 3rd is shit out of luck. That's about the only humor you'll get out of me because in full disclosure, this episode gave me the waterworks. I think I dropped 2-3lbs of water-weight from the sobbing. So many sad, terrible stories that you want everyone to get into the house. I could break down all the contestants and cry all over my keyboard, or keep it brief. Either the 3 finalists had to do 500 steps or run 1 mile. People collapsed, people cried, but no one left totally crushed and instead realized no matter where they are, they can drop the weight. The 2 winners are given their official Biggest Loser shirts, now a team, and driven off to the Biggest Loser campus. So this week, it's a brief Rundown but next week: game on.

Survivor: Nicaragua - Holly feels like the outsider after voting off Wendy and doesn't really make a good case for herself when she dumps a pail of snails and fills Dan's alligator shoes with sand and dumps them in the water. Crazy alert! She admits the truth to her tribe and confesses to Jimmy Johnson that she's worn out and ready to quit. Lucky for her, Espada wins immunity and reward (in the form of fishing gear) she she's in a better place. Along with the fishing gear comes a special treat: a clue for the hidden immunity idol. The tribe reads it together, analyzes it, but it's Jill who deciphers the key point that it's by tree mail. Instead of getting the idol herself, she tells Marty and Dan, gaining their trust. Marty and Jill find the idol and a new partnership forms.

La Flor's got their crazy going on too. NaOnka, who has bonded with Sash who'd like to keep minorities in the game, accuses the tribe of hiding her sock so she steals Fabio's. He tries to approach her but she says, "I can get loud too!" and the argument stops. With Tribal Council arriving, La Flor has to decide between emotions (NaOnka) or strategy (Brenda). Chase is torn since he really trusts Brenda, but aligned with Shannon and the dudes. NaOnka and Brenda see something is up and chat and Nay would love to get rid of Shannon or Fabio, preferably Shannon. Brenda and Nay discuss the minority alliance and see the benefit of bringing Chase into the fold. Chase spills all to Brenda and it looks like a tie could be forced between Brenda and Shannon.

There is 2 words for Tribal Council this week: nucking futs. Shannon comes right out and calls out Chase for picking "his girlfriend." First question, lots of drama. Shannon's a ticking time bomb and won't shut up, which makes his target even bigger. Sash tells Shannon he's digging his own grave and Shannon proves to be a huge tool: "I'm get this out of the way right now, are you gay?" Fabio rolls his eyes, Sash rolls his eyes and I'm sure camera operators just had gaped jaws. Sash assures Shannon he's had a ton of hot girlfriends, to which Shannon brushes it off and says that New York is full of gay people. It's brought up that NaOnka was first choice to go, which leads to her discussing her hatred of Fabio. "Fabio, she don't like you," says Jeff. Everyone's ready to vote and Jeff heads off to tally the votes: Shannon is voted off and a sigh of relief is exhaled. I think Shannon is more suited for Tool Academy.

Top Chef: Just Desserts - Quickfire! There's beautiful vats of candy and guest judge Elizabeth Falkner, a pastry chef and Top Chef Master. The challenge is to create a dish celebrating penny candy and the winner gets immunity. One dunce (Heather) uses no candy and is inspired by the flavors- did you hear the challenge?? Seth's dish is supposed to be a tribute to his mom, but he ran out of time and couldn't complete his ice cream. He sobs his way through the presentation, getting on his knees saying "I can't do this!" and "The Red Hots are for my mommy!" Has anyone ever had a Quickfire freak-out? What a nut. The best are Heather H and all her different citrus candies, Danielle's play on "worms in the dirt" and Lemonhead soda and Zach who just shoved a shitload of candies into his cake, whipped cream, etc. Danielle is the winner and receives immunity.

The Elimination Challenge is at a restaurant called The Tar Pit (wouldn't the Peach Pit and its pie be more fitting?) At The Tar Pit, they meet chef Mark Peel at the bar where they learn their challenge is to create a dish inspired by a cocktail. They also have to "shop" for ingredients behind the bar- I bet we see a lot of maraschino cherries and limes. Seth has another freakout when he can't find grapefruit juice and while I understand he wants to win the money to help his mom, it doesn't mean you can be a twit. The baketestants are sympathetic but also point out they've had trauma and issues to but keep your shit together.

Chef Hubert Keller enters the fold this week as the 4th permanent judge, along with Elizabeth Falkner, Mark Peel and his wife/business partner. Seth gets overeager in the kitchen trying to help people and in his frantic movement, he knocks over a portion of Zack's desserts, ruining a key element of his visual presentation. Seth has ANOTHER freakout in the stew room- it's not even worth covering except he declares he'll win it all. At judging table, Erika, Eric and Yigit are the top 3. Erika's margarita bomb is definitely a treat and gives off the cocktail taste while still being a dessert. Eric's pineapple upside cake with bourbon, while simple in plating, gave off a strong bourbon taste but also was a perfectly cooked cake and yummy carmelization. Yigit's panna cotta plate is so colorful and cold, which helped make it more cocktail-y. Erika wins the challenge and I hope they post recipes because I'd love to try this one. Bottom 3: Malika, Tim, and Seth. Tim's Plantation dessert, with basil and rum, melted and was a "soupy mess." Seth served blue cake, which is only cool for a kid's party. The blueberry gimlet taste never came through- where's the gin?! Malika's mojita cake had a frosting reminiscent of supermarket cake frosting- just too sweet. Tim is told to pack his tools and go. If tools were really packed, Seth would be out- ZIIIIIIING.

Project Runway - Never one to shy away from product placement, the designers meet Tim Gunn and that bald-headed guy from L'Oreal to learn their next change: create a high fashion look for a L'Oreal Paris ad. It should be Paris couture "wow" not some BS hipster design. Winner gets their ad in Marie Claire (more product placement!) and something "unprecedented": $20k. Damn, high stakes Quickfire money! Because they tie in their product placement, they must use one of the eyeshadow finishes as inspirations. Oh and of course there's a twist courtesy of Tim: they need to create a 2nd ready-to-wear companion to the high fashion look. If they give you 2 days to work, you should know a twist is coming. Workroom drama: Gretchen and Michael C pick essentially the same color. Mondo's model is far skinnier than his form, forcing him to completely start over from scratch. The designers are stressed by the 2nd look and Valerie seems pretty defeated, crying in the bathroom for wasting time.

Andy, Mondo, and Gretchen are in the top. Gretchen's finish was velvet and her outfit reminds me of an old flapper's nightgown. That's not a compliment, but the judges like it and call it wearable. Andy's metallic finish translates to this crazy futuristic warrior that is very high fashion. I love his ready-to-wear which is so sexy; a fun little black dress with sparkly sleeves. Mondo's high fashion look is definitely the epitome (epy-tome if you're Shia LaBeouf) of bright; it's black and colored stripes, houndstooth, over-the-top- it's his version of a kaleidoscope. His day look is a black and white with some funky downward arrow stripes- oh it's awesome. Ah, Mondo love continues and he wins again! Woohoo!

Ivy, Valerie and Michael have the lowest scores. Ivy's bright is about beaches away; looks like cheap bridesmaid to me. "Bridesmaid under-the-sea," says Michael Kors who thinks all the bottom 3 have a bridesmaid undertone. Valerie is inspired Audrey Hepburn for "crystal" and her white dress reminds me of something pageanty (What? Me and Nina Garcia on the same page?!) It's not high fashion or modern and Michael compares it to something a fairy princess would wear. The ready-to-wear look is god awful. She made little to no effort and it's dowdy with 3 crystals put on just cause. Michael's uses a bordeaux glitzy fabric and once there's a shimmer/glitz it screams DEB or Rave to me. While his construction is done well, it's just not modern or fashion-forward. Poor styling, absurdly long train; Michael Kors says it best: it's all the curtains from Gone with the Wind. In the end it is Ivy who is out. Long time coming- but who will whine about everything?

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