September 13, 2010

Reality Rundown: The Rob Kardashian of Staten Island Got a Free Fossil Watch

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Jersey Shore

The show picks up where last week ended, with Angelina blowing JWoww's phone call out of proportion and her and Sammi getting into fisticuffs. Sammi gets a good punch in before it just turns to hairpulling on the floor. Then Ronnie throws Vinny across the room, blaming Vinny for starting the fight. Angelina plays the "woe is me" card, Snooki screams at her, and then Snooki says Angelina wrote the letter too. Snooki yells that she was trying to help Sammi with the note, but Sammi's pissed and Ronnie claims JWoww and Snooki were just trying to bring them down. Ronnie then decides to bring JWoww's boyfriend into this, she goes Hulk again and tries to throw a styrofoam container of food at him. JWoww leaves the room saying she'll get the last laugh. Her and Snooki lament ever trying to help Sammi and are annoyed that Angelina looks innocent when she knew the truth too.

The next morning JWoww is supposed to work with Sammi and Ron, but calls their boss Enzo to skip work to get her 2 broken nails fixed. The fight seems to have eased tension with Ronnie and Sammi and they go to dinner together later that night. Pauly D and Vinny spend their day at the beach picking up some ladies. They hit it off with 2 girls until she cracks a smile and reveals a herpe on her lip. Pauly is petrified. The Situation and Angelina are the shift after Ronnie and Sammi, and Angelina complains about how much she hates Vinny and that he's ugly. Her Miami squeeze, Jose, visits her at work and showers her with a Fossil watch (The Situation's retail estimation: $39.99).

A hot-tubbing Vinny pulls Sammi aside to check and see if they're OK, but also explain that it was Angelina that started the trouble. He also informs her Angelina is the one who provided the information for the infamous note. Angelina is inside swooning/bragging over her new watch, and Pauly maintains that she should let him hit that; she's not interested. Of course, she'll still let him take her to dinner. Dude's gettin' used! The guys and Sammi head to a Felt for some beer and billiards, with Sammi riding her from her fight excitement. It's short-lived because JWoww and Snooki arrive, causing Ronnie/Sammi to whine to themselves. JWoww and Snooki get a table to themselves, the rest of the house at another. Angelina and Jose arrive and she tries to talk to Sammi who's not in the mood and would rather a one-on-one later. Trouble's a-brewin!

Sammi approaches Angelina about the note and her part in it. Angelina, of course, denies writing it but Sammi says she knows Angelina provided the facts. Still denies. Angelina is playing all sides and it's going to burn her, but there's no other girls for Sammi to complain to so Angelina will do. Angelina won't stop complaining about Vinny, so they get into an argument, with him calling her shady, and her calling him a sleaze. And then Vinny wins perhaps quote of the season: "Alright Kim Kardashian- you're more like the Rob Kardashian of Staten Island you ugly bitch!" Mutual hatred. Vinny and The Situation grab another hot tub moment together, discussing the girl fight. They think it's hilarious how Ron got off scot-free. The Situation explains Ronnie was dogging Sammi, peeing all over her, and compares their relationship to wanting to believe Santa is alive. The Situation is a poet.

The whole house goes clubbing and has a good time. Drama free so far! Vinny meets the most beautiful girl he's seen in Miami, using the old good smelling perfume line. He gets some kissin and brings her home. Angelina hates on the sideline calling her a grenade. Snooki means a hot Spanish guy and brings him back to the house. Expecting some cuddling, her guy instead makes good use of the kitchen to make food. Then they hook-up with JWoww in the room with moaning in between questions about her new dude (name: Dennis). Snooki insists there was no actual smushing, but JWoww's lack of sleep from the moaning thinks otherwise. Sammi, JWoww, and Vinny have an awkward day at work together, while Sammi continuing to complain to their boss. Hating JWoww is the new note drama.

Angelina gets a call from Jose and declines a date that night, so he tells her to behave. Bitch, he got you a Fossil watch! JWoww and Snooki stay in and Snooki invites Dennis over. JWoww cannot tolerate another tight of moaning, so they disinfect the smush room in some makeshift hazmat suits. Snooki gets all gussied up since she's hoping tonight she'll "get it in"- yeah, this is a catchphrase I will not be using. "Smush" is more PC. Dennis brings a busted friend for JWoww, who the show has dubbed "man grenade" or as Snooki calls him "grenade grundle choad." JWoww sees the guy and opts instead for bed; Snooki has Dennis send his friend home and they head to the smush room.

The rest of the house is at the club and has a crazy night. They get into the cab and Vinny and Angelina are making out!!! GROSS! The house dubs her "Staten Island Ferry" and Pauly suggests they stop somewhere to buy a Fossil watch. At the house, Vinny and Angelina quickly sneak off into his room, him super sloppy with his sunglasses. Cue to nightcam: smush city! And to think 15 minutes ago they hated each other.

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