September 7, 2010

Reality Rundown: Someone Please Burn Sammi's Stupid Note

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Jersey Shore

Snooki decides she's in the mood to snuggle, so she tests out all the guy's beds like Goldilocks. Vinny's bed wins, so Snooki puts on her PJs and hops into bed and they hook up. Since Snooki hits it and quits it, the house doesn't notice... until she tells Sammi all the details, such as Vinny's ya-know. Later, Vinny's has a pain in his eye, and it's an immediate flashback to his pink eye from last summer. Pauly D comes along for moral support, or really to make fun of him. Heck, even the doctor's office makes fun of him for being so white. Join the club of paleness!

Angelina, Snooki and JWoww head to the beach with some Ron Ron juice in-hand. The stupid GD note is the topic of discussion and they basically threaten Angelina if she dares tattle. Sammi is still kind of moping over the note and talks to The Situation. The Situation explains that Sammi is blind to Ronnie and accidentally blurts out that Ronnie did hook up with someone, saying the note is true. Sammi says she's done with it, but why do I guarantee we'll hear about it for the rest of the hour?

Later that night, the guilt is setting in and Snooki wants to reveal the truth but Sammi refuses to come outside. This sets JWoww off and her neon green dress makes her pretty Incredible Hulk-like. JWoww gets so annoyed that she really goes off, pointing out Sammi's stupidity in still being with Ronnie after he cheated on her. Sammi just wants to know who wrote the note and since Sammi's kind of mental now, no one wants to fess up. Sammi continues to whine, saying she's betrayed, destroyed, blah blah. Ronnie tries to comfort Sammi, but she's confused and embarassed. God, this is so f'ing boring. This season has been soooo boring.

The house goes to a club and Angelina meets a guy named Jose and they hit it off, but no smushing. The Situation "sniped" a blond girl and about 5 minutes later grab a cab, fool around in it, and head back to the house. Soon the whole house returns with their conquests of the night and The Situation decides he's not ready to smush yet, so he has a snack while his girl waits in the bedroom. It's another Jersey Shore hit it and quit it as The Situation finishes, goes out to chat and smoke, and then returns to let the girl know he got her a taxi to go home. HAHA! SERVED!

The girls make Sunday dinner for the house, since the guys usually do it and they promised. Snooki gets some advice from an ex whose a chef, who gives her a recipe for penne ala vodka and warns about the flames. Snooki, bewitched by a giant jar of pickles, losing the shopping list so already we should guess how delicious dinner will be. The guys grab some food and milkshakes beforehand, knowing that dinner will probably be terrible. JWoww and Snooki return with the groceries, but Angelina and Sammi decline to help much, so JWoww makes the majority of dinner alone. Sammi's being a brat and I want to jump into the TV and slap her, so I can only guess it's a matter of time before hot-headed JWoww goes nuts. Dinner is ready, they sit at the table, thank the cooks, and surprised that the food is pretty good. Sammi continues to be Debbie Downer, refusing to eat any of the food JWoww prepared. Are you 11?? JWoww calls her boyfriend after dinner, and he brings up the letter and JWoww is pretty sure her and Sammi aren't friends anymore. How sad (not really).

Sammi and Angelina bond while working at the gelato shop, warning her about the other girls. Sammi simply wants JWoww and Snooki to admit they wrote the letter, since she believes they did it. Angelina swears she didn't write the letter, but gets all embarrassed when Sammi guesses it right. What a poker face this one has!

The gang goes clubbing again. Vinny hits it off again with The Situation's visiting sister (perhaps the spray tan, fitted cap, and fake bling made an impact?) The Situation can't be phased by this, because he's charmed by a blond with a blurred out face that the rest of the house is convinced is a dude. How humbled The Situation is by this... well, situation. JWoww announces Sammi has made the top of her shit list. Pauly D, completely obliterated, hooks up with Angelina in the cab and I actually yelled "Gross!" at the TV.

The gang gets home and puts a super sloshed Pauly D to bed. JWoww calls her boyfriend makes a comment about Pauly puking from being drunk. Angelina overhears and blow it out of proportion, claiming she was talking shit. Vinny comes to JWoww's defense because he's heard both sides at the same time so he immediately lets JWoww know about Angelina's lie. JWoww comes out to confront Angelina and suddenly Sammi gets involved, JWoww starts yelling, repeating things and gets in Sammi's face. And then GIRL FIGHT!!! JWoww knocks Sammi downnnnn. Me-owww!

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