September 10, 2010

Reality Rundown: Wok It Out

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Top Chef DCProject Runway

Top Chef DC - The final 4 meet up at a market in Singapore and are quickly greeted by Tom Colicchio and the King of Singapore Street Food. He takes them on a tour of the vendors, tasting, learning, and seeing the food culture up close. Angelo seems like a ringer since they're in Singapore and he cooks Asian food, but Kelly thinks Kevin (Who? The Top Chef equivalent of Ann aka Bland, Egg, Annhog) is. The 4 arrive at their last stall of the night and see Padma: Quickfire! The cheftestants will have to create their own version of street food using only a wok to cook. The big catch is that the winner of this Quickfire gets immunity or, really, a guaranteed spot in the finals. Padma gets very upset that Kevin's never used a wok and didn't practice at home. Ed, who "woks it out" on weekends, wins the Quickfire and the immunity with his stir0fry noodles with lobster and Gai Lan (isn't that a Street Fighter character?).

Elimination challenge: in teams (teams- in the final 4??) they will create an event hosted by Food & Wine magazine's editor that celebrates the multicultural cuisine of Singapore. The party guests will order based on the menu and it will be like a normal restaurant service. Ed gets ballsy and makes 2 dishes since he has immunity. Tom visits the chefs in the kitchen who is pretty shocked that they plan to cater an event with only 4 dishes ("Well I'm making two" Ed pipes in), so everyone has to double-time and make another dish. The other chefs resent Ed having actual motivation.

The judges, which also includes Food & Wine lady, Street Food King, and my girl Gail Simmons, take their seats, scan the menus, and the orders start pouring in. The hard part is the waitstaff has bad handwriting and it's hard to communicate- hijinks! The tasting goes really well and I don't recall any negative comments. Angelo's lamb tartar is smooth, and his prawn dish borders more on sauce than soup, and it's a bit intense. Kelly's cool cucumber and yogurt soup is a crowd pleaser and her curried prawn could use a little more heat. Street Vendor King loved her apple guava salad. Ed had immunity, but put out 2 awesome dishes ("holy Asian extravanga")- the sausage is great, but the banana chili fritter blew their minds. Tom calls it "the perfect stoner food." Kevin made a classier clam chowder and his 2nd dish was a tapioca and egg porridge and the 63 degree egg was perfectly cooked. Ed is 2-2 as the winner of the challenge which is a pretty good pre-final challenge high to have. Kelly is told to pack her knives and go, which shocks me. First Tiffany, now Kelly? No love for the independent women.

Project Runway - Heidi sends the designers to the marina where I hope several get cement shoes. Nope, they are greeting by Michael Kors (sans a sailor's cap) and issued their latest challenge: create resort wear looks that are "super fashionable." They get to ride on a boat to sketch, drink mimosas, and wear Michael Kors sunglasses. The designers stock up on fabric at Mood and head to the workroom for a velvet bagged twist: pairs challenge! You see, they are the designer of their own look but their partner must execute it. Whoever gets Michael C is fuuuuuudged (that honor is bestowed upon Mondo).

Michael Kors make a rate appearance in the workroom and does the consultations along with Tim. His critiques are so good- he should visit the workroom more often. I love when Michael tells Valerie she picks ugly colors, which now explains why she's always a bridesmaid never a bride in terms of winning challenges. Ivy and Michael Drummond are struggling because he can't sew what she wants.

It's like Project Runway is begging me to like it again because the guest judge is KRISTEN BELL aka Veronica Mars (who tweeted me!!) I have died and gone to 09er heaven. In keeping with positivity, let's discuss the top 3. April makes this sexy dark intricate top with a sheer cover to it; it's hard to explain but well constructed by her partner Christopher. Andy makes a silver and violet super sexy bathing suit with a cover-up wrap; love it! I mean, I'd never wear it myself but god is it hot. Michael D's look is a black linen with a sparkly black bikini top popping out. I'm not a fan of it, but whatever. Ivy kind of throws Michael under the bus for not having the same technical skills as her, but she needs to STFU (as usual). April is named the winner of the challenge.

Mondo, Casanova, Ivy are the bottom 3. Mondo's look is OTT- it's neon colors, a little too young, and cheap looking. Michael C, the season villain, actually gives Mondo wonderful praise for being a great partner; could a friendship be blooming? Ivy's look is flat out dull. She compromised her design too much to accommodate Michael D's skills (which she points out again) and it is just plain boring. It's a white flowy skirt and a seaform green tank. No design, nothing. Boring. The skirt is so Duggar. Casanova's outfit is a white top with a beige pant; it's older lady looking. He designed with his grandmother in mind, and it's definitely for a 70 year old. The lace bandeau around the belly? Weird. Nina calls it "mousy"- such a perfect word. Ivy is in, Casanova is out about 6 weeks after he should've been.

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