September 27, 2010

Serving of the Week

9/27/2010 Posted by Mel Got Served 1 comment

Name: Paris Hilton
SERVED: A mere 4 weeks ago, Paris Hilton received her first ever SERVING on this blog when she was arrested for cocaine possession in Las Vegas, claiming it wasn't her purse and the cocaine was chewing gum. In true asshole celebrity fashion, she didn't get sent to jail and was rather fined, sentenced to community service and a drug program. Justice is so wrong. But at least there's karmic justice.

This past week, Paris grabbed her cocaine-less purse and carry-ons and boarded a flight to Japan to "work." When she arrived in Japan, her stupid behavior caught up to her cause customs said, Heeeeeeell to the no and didn't let this bitch into their country. SERVED! It's one thing to know you're stuck, but it's a whole new level of awesome when you board a 15 hour plane ride only to arrive in the country and get NEXTED. Paris, you may have avoided the long-arm of the law, but at least you got SERVED in another fashion.

Honorary Mention: Lindsay Lohan was an obvious choice, but I'm so sick of the bitch, her terrible family, and the way celebrities get away with everything. Butch on Teen Mom violated his parole and is in the slammer; why is Lindsay better than him??

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Steve G. said...

Patrick Warburton had the most hilarious skit ever about Hilton on The Soup. It really was a thing of beauty.