October 18, 2010

Serving of the Week

10/18/2010 Posted by Mel Got Served No comments

Name: Taylor Momsen
SERVED: 17 year old Taylor Momsen, of Gossip Girl fame, wants to be a rebel rocker really bad. So bad, that she needs to be SERVED for being a desperate, rude, poseur, and terrible influence. Taylor Momsen acts so trashy she makes Miley Cyrus look classy. Currently on the cover of Revolver, Taylor discusses the things all 17 year old girls gossip about: favorite porn stars, sex tapes, and masturbating. Jesus, we get it: you want to be sooo edgy. All you're doing is coming across as desperate and in need of attention. Other reports previously pointed out her lack of professionalism at work, allegedly neutering her own dog, and just being a general "badass." I'm here to say: STFU. We don't care about you, your stupid music, and those GD raccoon eyes. Get some make-up remover, bar of soap, and an attitude check before I SERVE ya again. You're 17- be a kid; you can be scummy gutter-trash when you're 21.

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Photo Credit: Egotastic