November 26, 2010

Reality Rundown: Let's Be Thankful for Makeovers!!

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The Amazing RaceThe Biggest Loser

The Amazing Race - The racers fly to Bangaladesh and learn immediately that there's DOUBLE U-Turn ahead. There's lots of airport scrambling but let's just say some teams book good flights and others just spend their time at the airport eating Dairy Queen.

Jill/Thomas arrive in Bangaldesh like 7 hours before the other teams, so they pick up clue #1 by drinking their sugar cane juice. Then there's a Detour: pick up and deliver meals to a boat or balance bricks on their head and transport them. As the other teams are boarding their final connection to Bangaldesh, Jill/Thomas already finished the Detour and arrive at the U-Turn (this Double U-Turn means 2 teams can U-Turn another team). Jill/Thomas U-Turn Brook/Claire since they're top contenders; so we're now one-step closer to an A-Hole Couple final 3. The next task is a Road Block where one teammate has to assemble a rickshaw. Jill bangs it out and they head to the Pit Stop, where they are Team #1 and win a $15,000 Discover gift card.

The other teams are finally arriving in Bangaldesh, hoping to get a minor lead to avoid that double U-Turn. Nick/Vicki were able to get in before the others and, for a brief moment, consider U-Turning Chad/Stephanie but then they don't. NOOOOO. The good news my Doctors are able to get to the U-Turn before getting screwed over and they get to U-Turn the newly engaged Chad and Stephanie. Everyone battles at the Road Block, with Chad trying to heckle the Doctors to distract them. The Doctors check in third and Chad/Stephanie/Brook/Claire race on foot to find the Pit Stop. Brook and Claire just barely beat Chad and Stephanie, and hooray, an a-hole couple is eliminated!

The Biggest Loser - It's come to the week everyone [read: my mom] has been waiting for again: makeovers. New hair, outfits and most importantly, removing those fat man beards. They also have a photoshoot for People magazine and a "fashion show" which we all know is code for bringing out loved ones to make them weep. Everyone gets some decent makeovers but Elizabeth is dressed like a moron with some weird pink veil belt. Seriously, I don't know but I guess it's pink for breast cancer? Also, Frado is dressed like a castmember from Grease. Backstage is, of course, their families.

The glitz and glamour of the fake fashion show end and the losers later meet up for a challenge: walk up 300ft worth of stairs or take a train to the top. The train is worth 1pt, walking is 5; first to 100pts wins a Ford Edge, which is completely surprising considering Alison is standing next to the stupid car. Just as Ada or Brendan are about to win, they stop at the top of the stairs and chillax because they'd rather give the car to someone who deserves it (Patrick). After harboring her physical strenth, Ada decides it's time to manage her mental demons with her family. In a surprise to no one, Elizabeth came in last in the challenge and didn't even finish; she cries. I don't.

Weigh-in. Good numbers for all, except Lisa who gets goose-eggs; that means 0, not that she ate goose-eggs, which would also be a logical reason why she didn't drop any weight. Frado falls below the yellow line with Lisa with a mere 4lbs. So now the question is keep your alliance or keep around that chick who keeps falling below the yellow line every week? Duh, keep the alliance: Lisa goes home.

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