November 19, 2010

Reality Rundown: Winning is the Icing on the Cake

The Amazing RaceThe Biggest LoserSurvivor: Nicaragua
Finale! Top Chef: Just Desserts

The Amazing Race - The teams have to book flights to Muscat, Oman and all the teams end up at the same travel agency to book their flight, but Chad and Stephanie are mysteriously MIA. That's because they overslept! Suckerrrrs! The Doctors and Brook/Claire get an 8:55PM arrival, while other teams are stuck on a later flight arriving 2 hours later. At 4:30AM, 2 hours past their departure time, Chad and Stephanie leave their hotel as complete morons. Chad and Stephanie luck out and get a flight that arrives only 10 minutes after the 2nd flight. Boooo! No fun!

Upon arrival in Muscat, the teams retrieve some shiny silver stones with departure times for the next morning, so it's the who-gives-a-shit-if-you-got-a-good-flight blues. Chad and Stephanie, you know the couple who scream at each other all the time, get ENGAGED while waiting for their 7:45AM departure. Their relationship status gets updated on the screen, the teams swoon, and yeah good times. Back to the good stuff: the racers retrieve their clue to drive to Jebel Shams, the tallest mountain in Oman, and a driver will take them to the top. Gary and Mallory are the only team who don't seek help from locals, and their map gets them super lost. For the teams that actually get to Jebel Shams, there is a Road Block to repel down the mountain and search genie lamps for Aladdin's magic ring.

The teams make their way to a monument that's a big stack of books (neeeeerds!) and get their Detour. Teams can either pump water from a well into a truck and deliver it or make a traditional wedding soup. Everyone picks water- duh. The early leaders are Chad/Stephanie and Jill/Thomas, aka a-hole couples. While it seems like Pit Stop time, the couples now have to get some frankincense at the market and deliver it to Ali Baba to get another clue (finally for the Pit Stop). Jill/Thomas check in 1st but receive a 30 minute penalty for paying a cabbie to lead them to the Pit Stop (which the clue told them not to do). Chad and Stephanie instead get team #1 honors and win a trip to Belize- hellooo, honeymoon. Turns out the Doctors and Gary/Mallory are way behind the pack, so it looks like one of the 2 teams I actually like could be going home. Gary and Mallory, the spunky father/daughter team that I am 6 degrees of separation away from, are eliminated from the race. It's a bummer since I don't like 3 of the remaining 5 teams.

The Biggest Loser - The game switches back to individuals, probably so the women stand a chance. Bob is upset Jesse and Aaron get eliminated, as he was really personally invested in them. After some pep talks and work-outs, Bob and Jillian deliver some wonderful news to 7 people: videos from home! I say 7 because contestant #8, Ada, does not have her video. Apparently her family blames her for the death of 2 of her brothers; so yeah, downer. The losers want her to feel the love, so they make a video for her as her new family- awww. I barely watch the videos but essentially their fat loved ones are trying to the drop the weight at home too.

Because Ada is haunted enough by her family by not getting a video, the challenge takes place at a pool, so great week. They have to balance at different time increments, with a challenge another person aspect, and the winner gets a 1lb advantage at the weigh-in. Red shirt Mark wins the challenge which honestly lasts forever; so glad I DVR this show. Also, Lisa wins a $500 gift card for making a low-calorie sub. Weigh-in brings the announcement that next week is makeover week (I imagine my mom "wooo-ing!" from the couch). As the men inch closer to 100lb losses, the women struggle. Elizabeth and Jessica fall below the yellow line. Who is going home without a fancy new wardrobe and haircut? Jessica.

Survivor: Nicaragua - In blatant foreshadowing, Fabio talks about the need to keep the fire going all the time so they barricade the fire with wooden chests full of food, etc. Since the preview set-up Brenda and Sash running this game one of them is probably going home. The castaways begin to realize Brenda is running everything and a power play might need to be put in motion and it's Holly leading the rebellion. Even NaOnka, Brenda's pal, wants her out cause she didn't come out here to go home with nothing; Chase still thinks Benry should go first. Chase is Brenda's bitch.

The reward challenge is to cross planks with some barrels and rope without touching the ground (like the game you play at home @phil_robinson said on Twitter). The winning team (Chase, Jane, NaOnka, Fabio, Purple Kelly) gets to go slide down a volcano where there's also a feast of pizza, brownies, and soda. While that team is having the time of their lives, the Libertad camp is up in flames from the fire. It's like the Saved by the Bell: The New Class where Ryan left the Christmas tree lights on in The Max all night and burns The Max down. This should be more interesting but it's just like, "Good work dummies. Now you have no food."

So first thing Chase does is blab to Brenda about the plan to get her out. Ugh Chase- such a lil' bitch. Chase is trying so hard to get NaOnka back on their side, trying to get Benry out. Nay finally wakes up and decides to swap sides and align with the side that wants to take out power players, and they all get in some good Chase bashing because he's Brenda's lapdog. Jane wins immunity in a leaning/balance challenge, narrowly beating out Chase. Back at camp, Chase still doesn't trust Benry is hellbent on trying to get him out. NaOnka informs Sash of the plan to get Brenda out, leaving him a little puzzled what move to make and if perhaps he should give her the immunity idol. Chase also informs Brenda that Nay is the one who jumped ship, which pisses her off and makes her voting plan to blindside NaOnka.

At Tribal Council, Brenda calls out NaOnka jumping ship and Nay denies it, blames Chase. Purple Kelly finally speaks and she's as out of the loop in the game as we are of who she actually is. Brenda wants to stay in the game but refuses to scramble, because she sees it as a sign of weakness. Jeff brings out the urn of votes and when he asks the infamous immunity idol question, Sash does not give it to Brenda. It. is. AWESOME. Brenda is voted out of the game and I really thought people didn't see her running everything before but alas, I was wrong. I thought Brenda had the game in the bag but man, power plays rule!

Finale! Top Chef: Just Desserts - The chefs must create a progressive four course dessert tasting for their final challenge. At a special night occasion they find Johnny and his 50's soda jerk hair waiting for them with a cocktail in head and wisdom to share. Johnny brings out some desserts and he brings out the chefs who made them... and they're no ex-contestants! Now that's a twist! Their sous chefs for the final challenge are 3 top pastry chefs.

The feeling in the kitchen is "anyone but Morgan" who's always a tool and cranked up the AC while Yigit, sick with a cold, slept. His sous chefs? Also admits she hates him- to other judges! Listen, the dude's talented by a major tool. The tool is making this cake, which I can't spell, that resembles a tree. Danielle is making one dish an ice cream sampler and Yigit doesn't want to budge on what he's making. One day 2 of prep, the famous sous chefs are out and ex-contestant sous chefs are in. Offffff course. Morgan pulls Heather H and really believes she'd F him over. I honestly forget who these other sous chefs are they got picked; the unpicked get to dine at the tasting, so waaaay better. The tasting happens- makes me hungry.

Final judges' table time! Danielle's ice cream sampler is universally loved and her chocolate pudding cake is ugly but delicious. Yigit's sorbet and ice cream dish blow the mind. They liked his date metaphor and that it was cute but tasted so sophisticated. His made a pineapple coconut cake that I'm dying to try and even braised the pineapple 5 hours. Morgan's souffles crashed, though it was a good taste and contrast. His bahmkuken was well-done and eventhough he did a macaroon again, he nailed it. And the winner of the first ever Top Chef: Just Desserts is... YIGIT. Team Go Diva FTW.

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Dave Galanter said...

What stopped Yigit from saying "hey, turn down the AC" or turning it down himself?

Mel Got Served said...

Maybe Morgan held a spatula to him?

Dave Galanter said...

I just think Morgan isn't quite as bad as he was edited, because while he's certainly a bit of a dick, I didn't see him as that much more of one than many of the others, including Yigit who often had pretty miserable things to say about others.