December 29, 2010

Mel's Favorite Shows of 2010

12/29/2010 Posted by Mel Got Served , 12 comments
Another year has come and gone: we've suffered through Russell Hantz again, crowned 2 Biggest Losers, and said goodbye to the phenomenon that is Lost. In 2010, I saw some movies, read maybe a book or two, and, of course, watched a TON of TV which therefore means I can make a fairly good list of shows. Without further ado, my 10 favorite shows of 2010, many of which are repeats of 2009 but oh well I said "shows" not "new shows." Before you bitch at me, I haven't watched Breaking Bad or Dexter so no they're not here. Don't forget to leave your favorite 2010 shows in the comments!

10. Parks and Recreation

Season 1 of Parks and Rec wasn't that great and left us wondering if this show was worth the time. Season 2 brought its A-game, fast becoming my 1st-pick of Thursday shows to watch. I always find myself defending P&R from being called an Office-clone. First, Lesley isn't a complete moron, just an optimist frustrated by the man. Second, the show is actually funny (hey-o!). Seriously though, the show is on a roll with the hilarity of Ron Swanson, hatred of office scapegoat Jerry, and bringing Adam Scott and Rob Lowe into the fold as government officials tasked with overseeing the Pawnee government. Watch, laugh, get a DJ Roomba.

9. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Atlanta

You are seeing this and probably thinking I am high, but there is no enjoyment I have like the hot mess housewives of Beverly Hills and Atlanta. Atlanta dumped perennial bore Lisa Wu-Hartwell and brought on a mostly-dull-until-she-made-a-friendship-contract Cynthia and crazy-ass lawyer Phaedra Parks. People hate Phaedra but her insanity and weird words of wisdom have brought a new energy to the show. Plus her baby shit in her hand during a classy photoshoot! Then there is the magic that is Beverly Hills. When I heard about Beverly Hills, I feared another Orange County, which is a franchise I have skipped. Wrong! The delusions of Camille Grammer, Adrienne's glitter weave, the Richards sisters, and the oh so fabulous Lisa Vanderpump and pup Giggy have made it my favorite Thursday night tradition. And not to brag, but my live tweeting is hilarious.

8. Friday Night Lights

It's hard to dump almost your entire regular cast and start from scratch, but FNL did so and created their best season since the first. Coach Taylor begins season 4 fired from Dillon High and having to start the new East Dillon Lions, bringing in a whole new batch of talented actors and storyline potential. While the character of Becky drove me nuts, her abortion storyline was powerful and gave Connie Britton Emmy reel material. Kudos to Michael B. Jordan, whose Vince became so heartbreaking it gave me flashes of his beloved Wallace from The Wire. I don't have the Dish Network, so I'm really looking forward to FNL's final season airing this summer on NBC.

7. Top Chef All-Stars

Now THIS is an All-Star cast. Just a few weeks into the season, I feel like the Top Chef I love is back. Top Chef was never gone, but in languished in a few unmemorable winners. The challenges are fresh and fun and the All-Stars are actually all talented and deserve to be there. Unlike other shows who seem to pluck the same losers over and over, Top Chef brought back the real stars for an ultimate clash of the culinary titans.

6. RuPaul's Drag Race

Covering reality shows week after week, I have to admit you lose some of the joy after awhile (see: The Biggest Loser). When I discovered season 2 of RuPaul's Drag Race it was like the reality TV stork was thinking of me and brought me something new and wonderful. The show is fabulous! The contestants are fashionable, hilarious, gorgeous, and entertaining. RuPaul was born to be a host and I love seeing both RuPaul the man and fabulous drag queen. Plus she introduced "Hey squirrel friends!" into my vocab. The final elimination decision of lip-synching is sheer brilliance and I don't think any kick-off catchphrase is better than, "Shante you stay, Sashasy away." Still trying to decide if season 3, starting in January, deserves the Rundown treatment.

5. Party Down

When Jane Lynch left Party Down for her role on Glee, the skeptics expected Party Down to suffer in her absence. Even I wavered a little, but I was wrong. Megan Mullaly, of Will & Grace fame, joined the cast as naive and overbearing stagemom Lydia and brought the show to new levels of awesome. You tell me another show where Steve Guttenberg's birthday party turns into an impromptu table-read for a hard sci-fi move, ending in awkward hot tub nudity. That's right, you can't! It's a shame this show was cancelled because it was brilliance. It will sit right next to Arrested Development in the gone too soon category.

4. Modern Family

Best comedy on network TV. The show has easily transitioned into one of the best shows on TV, even. Season 2 hasn't missed a beat (so far). Phil Dunphy is my reigning awesome TV dad and Gloria's comedic timing is impeccable. It is truly an ensemble show, with talented adults, kids, and writing. Who said a family comedy has to be hokey?

3. Mad Men

This show just won't quit being awesome! People were furious when Don proposed to sweet secretary Megan, but that's part of the Don Draper allure and mystery. Probably one of the finest hours of TV this year was the "The Suitcase," showcasing the dynamic of Don and Peggy's sometimes tense work relationship, yet unspoken deep friendship. Powerful stuff! Of course, we do have the funny moments, thanks to Roger Sterling's memoirs.

2. The Good Wife

I should begin this by stating that prior to this showed I loathed Julianna Marguiles. I don't know why, but she rubbed me the wrong way. However that attitude of hers completely works in playing the role of attorney/politician's wife on the CBS hit. Her will they/won't they dynamic with boss Will Gardner while juggling life with her reformed cheater husband Peter, keeps you intrigued week after week. But much of this show's love goes to my current favorite character on TV: Kalinda Sharma. The air of mystery surrounding Kalinda has come full force with her new foe, leading to some super sexual tension with evil P.I. Blake. Kudos to the rest of the cast including the dreamy Matt Czurchy, awesome Christine Baranski, and scene-stealer Alan Cumming. While this show may not be for everyone, I wish it was cause it is awesome.

1. Lost

In 2010 we said goodbye forever to our dear Lost. After 6 seasons of questions, answers, non-answers, and amazing nicknames for people, Lost went out in a blaze of kinda-purgatory glory. I was in the loved-the-finale camp, sobbing for a solid 20 minutes afterwards. I can't think of a more powerful moment in TV than watching Jack lay on the ground with Vincent the dog nuzzling up to him. Oh god, I'm getting verklempt now. Lost is the first non-reality show I watched every single episode of without missing a week. I would wait to go out to the bars in college until after Lost aired. I'd stay up until the wee hours to make sure I wasn't spoiled the next day. It was a phenomenon and a show I'll love forever.

Honorable Mentions:
Luther - More like a mini-series, but holy awesome. Idris Elba and Ruth Wilson are phenomenal as an unlikely friendship in the cop series.
90210 - I love to rip on it.
Eastbound & Down
The Walking Dead - Just work on the dialogue and some of the blank stares and this show will break the Top 10.
Boardwalk Empire - People won't give up on Steve Buscemi being mis-cast, but I totally disagree. BE had a great first season and if they can take out a few duds (I mean you Jimmy's kinda lesbian girlfriend, Angela), this could be top 10 potential
Treme - A little slow at times, but that's the brilliance of David Simon's work. It feels real and emotional. Underrated.
Flipping Out - Jeff, Zoila, Jenny and the gang are always top notch entertainment
Cougar Town - Now that the show found its footing, this hilarious group of friends bring the laughter (and a craving for red wine)
Grey's Anatomy - I can't believe I almost forgot this much improved show (thanks @MamaXanaz). After the insane hospital-shooter season finale and the aftershocks carrying over this season, Grey's is back to the show I used to love. A big reason for my love: the news doctors, Avery and Kepner, who have brought a youthful energy that isn't the annoying Lexie Grey to the show
Raising Hope - Another can't believe I almost forgot it (thanks @buzzmusic). This show has improved weekly and become a great comedy for the Fox line-up. Not to mention the show actually cast a cute baby.
Skins - After watching all 4 seasons of Netflix, this should be in top 10 but it didn't all air this year, so it's an honorable mention.

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MamaXanax said...

Great list! Had to pass by FNL really fast, though, b/c I don't get Dish or whatever it is on now and haven't downloaded the new season yet. One of the best shows ever! SO under-appreciated and underrated!

Also, thanks for the shout-out on Grey's ; ) The hospital shoot out was EPIC and I totally agree with what you said about it all.

Mel Got Served said...

Actually I don't have DISH either so this is in regards to last season (4).

MamaXanax said...

Oh okay, perfect. I love it so much and I've been desperately trying to avoid any spoilers! So I didn't even think that it would make sense for it to be season 4. Thanks : )

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the RuPaul GIF!! Nice choices. I've been catching some of Parks and Record on IFC & online. Awesome. Never watched The Good Wife but it kept showing up while I was doing research for a hybristophilia report. Anything to do with Bonnie & Clyde syndrome? I'll check it out. Friday Night Lights &Party Down I've never heard of so I'll have to look into those too! Maybe I need less "reality" trash in my life. Flipping Out is another jem I'm hooked on. Oy.. New programs for Leah, whoot!! How about Top 10 worst series or seasons? Do it! Do it! You RULE! ~Peah

Mel Got Served said...

Party Down season 2 is on Netflix Instant!

Anonymous said...

Perfect! ~peah again

@phil_robinson said...

Top 8 BEST shows of 2010. Yes, these are the ACTUAL best shows of the new decade (so far). And the list is only a top 8- not enough shows have WOWED in 2010 like these shows have:

8. Jersey Shore- Jersey Shore came to us late in 2009 and spread across America like Pauly D's herpes. But bringing back Angelina in season 2 is what made this season BETTER than season 1. That strangerbitch knows how to charm an audience. So precious.

7. Bridalplasty- What is a better gift to your husband on your wedding day than being completely unrecognizable? NOTHING! Give your husband exactly what he wants (big boobs, small waist, fix yo effed up smile) and shamelessly exploit yourself on national tv at the same time! What could be better?

6. Sarah Palin's Alaska- Ever wonder what Alaska is like? You think its just full of fishing, wildlife, and snow? WELL,'re right. But adding the Queen of Alaska, Sarah Palin, to this untamed wildlife brings a level of excitement you would not believe!

5. My Generation- People predicted this show would fail even before it aired. And, well, it did. But the few episodes that aired were the best of 2010! A story of a guy who got a girl pregnant at prom and didn't find out until he returned to town 10 years later? We've NEVER heard that plotline before!

4. The Jay Leno Show- Oh, Jay. You were screwed out of the best job of 2010. All you had to do was sit in a chair IN PRIMETIME for 5 nights a week and attract an audience. I wonder why this failed? NBC had CLEARLY thought this plan would work for years to come.

3. Skating With The Stars- "This show existed like 5 years ago under a different name, and then was cancelled? Let's bring it back!" "But we have no stars that will agree to the show." "Well, we can just go down to the local bar in LA for happy hour and see how many washed-ups we can find for this show..."

2. The Hasslehoffs- Well, you lasted for about 2 days before being cancelled. But that one episode will be played on repeat every day in Germany for the next 20 years! Congrats, Hoff!

1. I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant- I completely had no clue what this show was about when I heard the title. So I SURE AM GLAD I WATCHED IT! Best of 2010! (Seriously, watch it. It's amazing. Women think they just really have to poop and then are shocked when a baby comes out.)

Honorable Mentions-

The Fran Drescher Tawk Show- Yes. Its actually spelled TAWK. This show may only have opened in some Fox O&O stations, but I REALLY want to see it. Reruns of The Nanny at night don't give me my fill of Fran. And her laugh.

RHOA/RHOBH- This show would've been #1 on my list, but some people I guess actually like this show? Idk. MelGotServed is crazy. This show is shit. And the women are batshit crazy.

Summer said...

do BBC shows count?

As far as American shows, I will add, in no particular order:
- The Big Bang Theory
- The League
- Fringe
- Delocated
- The Good Guys (RIP)
- Terriers (RIP)
- It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
- Scare Tactics
- Community
- Celebrity Rehab

Mel Got Served said...

BBC shows DEFINITELY count (see: Luther, Skins-technically E4 for this one)

Delocated- OMG how could I forget? Shame on me.

Summer said...

I've never heard of Luther. I might have to check it out, as I have an obsession with all things British.

My British shows for this year are:
- Doctor Who
- Sherlock (#1 show of the year for me...maybe tied with Doctor conflicted) (aired on PBS in the US)
- Being Human
- Emma (also aired on PBS)
- And as long as I am including more mini-series like things that also aired on PBS, the Royal Shakespeare's television production (BBC) of Hamlet starring David Tennant and Patrick Stewart was wonderful!
(I have yet to see the second season of Merlin. The first season was fun. And I really need to get in to MI-5 b/c of my love for Richard Armitage of Robin Hood fame. Annnnnd I should be getting the 4th season of the IT Crowd soon on netflix. That show is HILARIOUS)

And back to American shows, I forgot Archer!!

Summer said...

Also forgot The Vampire Diaries!!!

Brian @ PWYJudges said...

Great list!

Here's mine:
- Cougar Town
- Glee
- Lost
- So You Think You Can Dance
- Project Runway
- Top Chef All-Stars
- RuPaul's Drag Race
- Modern Family
- Grey's Anatomy
- Community