December 6, 2010

Serving of the Week

12/06/2010 Posted by Mel Got Served , No comments

Name: Brendon Villegas, Big Brother 12
SERVED: I bet you see this and are confused. You're saying, "Melissa, Big Brother ended months ago. Did you hit the wrong post date?" No, my friends, this is current and amazing.

Brendon met the "love of his life" Rachel in the BB house and life has been smooth sailing since. Until this weekend. Some chick on Twitter exposed Brendon, literally, with dick pics from their Skype chats. SERVED! Turns out, Brendon has allegedly cyber-Skyped with 3 women. SERVED again! I mean I know Big Brother castmembers are megastars, but this seems weird. For what it's worth, his accuser seems to have a fascination with ex-BBers because she also posted dick pics of former castmember James and had slept with an unnamed 3rd. Eh, I might try to upgrade my reality show of choice. Brendon then took his tears to YouTube, posting a 7 minute sobfest which incited such laughter from us all. So here's a SERVING for being a crybaby on YouTube, too. Rachel and the girl DM'ed on Twitter to reach a solution, but it sounds like a dick pick on Skype won't get between Rachel and her man. Just a piece of advice: Brendon, sometimes asking yourself, "What Would Brett Favre Do?" is not the best solution. SERVED.

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