January 28, 2011

Reality Rundown: 1 Hour Episodes Are the Best Episodes

1/28/2011 Posted by Mel Got Served , No comments
The Biggest Loser - The remaining twin that gained 9lbs insists they didn't throw the weigh-in but his team doesn't buy it. The teams later head to the gym and meet Alison who drops a twist: by the end of the day, one team will leave the ranch and join the Unknowns for one week. But how do they decide who gets this honor/punishment? Temptation! A room full of each contestant's favorite food. There's ribs, pizza, cake, Chinese food. Damn, I'm getting hungry and I just ate a Twinkie. Each team gets 3 minutes to eat as much as many calories as they can; winning team chooses who spends the week with the Unknowns. Everyone resists until, no surprise, the fattest dude there and his dad who can't lose weight eat, though merely one drumstick for 150 calories. Arthur sends the green team, who he calls the strongest team, over to the Unknowns for the week. But they're not immune: they will return for the weigh-in.

Green quickly bonds with the Unknowns over a love for mac & cheese. They also meet the new trainers and for someone who's an actress, this Cara chick can't even fake the "surprise" sprung upon them. It also turns out Fitness Ridge is paradise: they get 3 meals cooked for them and don't have to clean. Sign me up!

At the ranch, Bob and Jillian, use their training time to yell at Don from the black team about his weight-gain. Jillians wants Don to get angry, so he drops about bunch of f-bombs to make the point he didn't lie. The ranchers, and returning green team, meet up for a challenge to win letters from home. Snooze. The challenge is to guess how many calories are in all their favorite foods combined and hoist their guess up some rigs into the air. If you don't put 69 as your guess, you are just not hilarious. The green team has to compete against all the other teams combined cause, as they are playing on-behalf of the Unknowns. The ranchers win the letters from home, which they make rain from the sky, and it looks like a lot of extra letters. Green team's totally in the shitter. The episode ends with a bunch of chubbers sobbing over letters from home. Hooray for hour long episodes!