January 14, 2011

Reality Rundown: Too Bad You Didn't Catch Scallops on That Fishing Boat

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The Biggest LoserTop Chef All-Stars

The Biggest Loser - The on-ranchers enjoy the spacious kitchen but are quickly interrupted by Alison, who enters the room to inform them that the unknowns crushed them in the weigh-in even with immunity. To me, it makes sense that their weight is better because they aren't facing the stress the game-players are. The challenge this week is that all the on-ranchers will have immunity if they can lose more than the unknowns. Also, biggest loser pai r of the week gets $10k (an unknown pair can also win the money). The on-ranchers are also treated to a video of the unknowns, with their still unidentified trainers, getting their asses kicked by the trainers- intimidation! Bob and Jillian get back to training to keep their teams safe.

While the on-ranchers have physical and emotional break-throughs the producers, I mean the unknowns let them know how they feel by sending two dozen of donuts to the gym. I like them already. The losers burn 11 calories stomping on them. Really fat Arthur almost eats one, but overcomes the urge. In the part I never watch cause it's the same thing every year, Dr. Huizenga gives his medical evaluations which is always telling them they are 29 trapped in a 70 year old's body. For some reason despite being there for merely a week, they are visited by family members and receive phone calls. They also get another DVD message from the unknowns pointing out how awesome they are at losing weight. They ignore it, s why even show it?

There's a challenge to get the on-ranchers across the water using some big floats, and it turns out the unknowns did the challenge before in 38 minutes. Whatever team is faster wins a 3lb advantage. The on-ranchers lose because the unknowns are like Mark Wahlberg: invincible. At the weigh-in, Bob gets a little pissy at Alison constantly putting the on-ranchers down for being extreme underdogs. As the teams start weighing in, things are looking dismal. It's a lot of low numbers and they need bigger weight-losses to beat the unknowns. Blue team, with biggest contestant ever Arthur, weighs in with 21lbs, surpassing the unknowns (93 to 82), and giving their team immunity for the week.

Top Chef All-Stars - Marcel asks like the biggest wangsta, sippin' Bombay Sapphire straight from the bottle. This has no point but to cite more evidence of Marcel being a dork.

The cheftestants enter the kitchen for the Quickfire, but instead find a map: they're going fishing. They take their product placement SUVs to Montauk (it's where Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet meet- Enternal Sunshine anyone?). There's no Quickfire this week, just an Elimination Challenge. Paired into 4 teams of 3, they have 5 hours to catch as many fish as they can, then cook on the beach for 200. Other catch (unintended pun but it stays)? DOUBLE ELIMINATION! Duh duh duuuuuuh. The fishing starts slow, but picks up momentum; it's really not interesting enough to recap. Since Marcel is getting screentime I should note him, Richard and Fabio decide to all three make only one dish to make the judges have a harder decision. Richard's not to keen on it and then gets kinda bossy. On the other hand, Tiffani and Antonia and trying to keep their distance from "Top Scallop" Jamie.

Judges' Panel. Top group: Carla, Tre, Dale, Tiffany, Angelo, and Mike. Tiffany/Angelo/Mike cook the bass perfectly. Dale's fish taco was loved by all. Carla used blue fish to make a play on bagel with lox and the judges are smitten with the originality and taste. CARLA WINS!!! She gets a trip to Amsterdam and $5k. Bottom group: Richard, Fabio, Marcel, Jamie, Tiffani, Antonia. Richard/Marcel/Fabio's joint striped bass dish was an attempt at teamwork and acing one dish but that didn't work out. The flavors were muddled and had bad textures due in part to the plating. Antonia uses porgy, a low-class fish, and makes it awesome; Tom informs her if she weren't on the losing team she would've been going to Amsterdam. Ouch, but complimentary. Jamie added too much water to her cucumber broth and the fish lacked flavor. Tiffani's left the thick blood line in her blue fish, which leaves a fishy taste. In one fell swoop, two more ladies are eliminated from the competition: Tiffani and Jamie.

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