February 11, 2011

Reality Rundown: A "Booger" Unfit for Consumption

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The Biggest LoserTop Chef All-Stars

The Biggest Loser - Gone are the pairs, in are teams: Bob/Jillian- Black Team, Unknowns-Red Team. It kicks off right away with a Temptation: the most beautiful chocolate Valentine's Day explosion. I want to go there. The winners of the Temptation get to swap 2 members from their team to the other team, and take 2 members onto their team or keep the teams the same. The intriguing part: no one will know if you ate, even if you win. It's all anonymous. Bon bons away! A few red team members eat 4 or 5 chocolates. In what is no surprise, the fattest guy there eats a ton. There is a winner and he/she decided to swap. Jen and Jay, the strongest black team members, from the black team swap with Sarah and Denny. The red team is now a power team fo' sho. Just when it seems over, Arthur the fattest dude there speaks up, after playing up his shock earlier: he put the weaker players on his team to keep his dad and Marci safe. His team is livid, the other team is angry, and the 2 new members are pissed because they are the obvious targets, the sacrificial lambs.

The trainers learn of the news and again, Cara the new trainer sucks at being fake shocked. Oh and we learn Arthur ate 35 chocolates. Shizz dude. I love chocolate but that would make my stomach explode. Bob and Jillian understand Arthur's mindset, but stress that he's an even bigger target now than before.

Challenge: there's 5 different sections with different types of strength and when each is complete you get a present. Once the presents are collected, they unwrap for a final task. The sections are 1. Endurance- roll a rock blindfolded and endure a teammate yelling at you, 2. Speed- speed brick stacking, 3. Agility- order dishes based on calories, 4. Strength- walk across a telephone pole while holding a log, and 5. Knowledge- archery. The final task is puzzle, just like Survivor always does. All of this is to win stupid video letters from home, which they pretend is actually happening for Valentine's Day when it was filmed in the fall. Fast forward, I don't care! The black team of underdogs wins.

Weigh-in. Jay and Jen really stick it to their old team by both losing double digits. Q again sucks on his team and the entire red team is upset they kept him over his wife. The black team slaughters red in the weigh-in, leaving a choice between loyalty or strength. The red team decides that only the strong survive and send Q home.

Top Chef All-Stars - It's a fondle sweaters, I mean fondue Quickfire challenge and there is no just judges, the cheftestants will vote for the winners and losers. Winner gets a 3 day trip to Napa Valley which I am going to assume is the fondue capital of the world. I really hope the chefs vote fairly like they do on Next Iron Chef. Fabio, Tiffany and Mike are the least favorites. Mike's moroccan spiced lamb was nasty. Tiffany was a donut dipped in chocolate. Fabio's was cold. The top 3 are Antonia, Dale and Angelo, though Richard keeps claiming he's the best and every fears him. Richard, STFU with your science crap. Dale wins the Quickfire with Vietnamese Pho fondue.

The Elimination Challenge leads the cheftestants to Rockefeller Center and into Studio 6B where they film Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, a personal fave. The cheftestants will play the always awesome game, Cell Phone Shootout, which quickly shows pictures of food and they will take a snapshot and cook whatever food they take a pic of for Jimmy's birthday lunch. Carla's dream comes true when she gets chicken pot pie and I am sure Richard will do some nerdy-ass thing to Ramen. Antonia gets screwed with beef tongue, while Fabio has never made a hamburger before, nor can he pronounce it. Eating "boogers" is far less appealing than a good burger, Fabio.

The judges arrive at Coliccio & Sons for their lunch and it's a laugh riot the whole time (love you Hig-bones). Antonia makes beef tongue as a deli sandwich. Fabio makes his "booger" out of chuck, shortribs, and brisket- ummm YUM separate, together, huh? Tiffany makes chicken and dumplings with a southern-western spicy twist. Richard goes for authenticity over flash for his ramen with pork belly. Dale makes his first Philly cheesesteaks ever but it's salty. Carla mades adorable "bomb diggity" chicken pot pies (chicken pot, chicken pot, chicken pot piiiiie!). Angelo makes a pulled pork sandwich that incorporates coffee into the rub. Mike makes sausage and peppers, Fenway style (Go Boston! Not Mike!). The meal ends with a big ol' ice cream cake and the announcement that the winner will get a cooking segment on Late Night.

Judges' Table. Top 3: Antonia, Angelo and Carla. HOOTIE HOO! The coffee, dill, cilantro rub sounded so wrong, yet was so delicious for Angelo's pulled pork. Carla's dream lives up the the hype, especially the extra crust on the bottom. Antonia's beef tongue was great and then the cheftestants sing the song they wrote about the beef tongue. It is... odd. The winner of the challenge, and guest on Jimmy's show is... CARLA! HOOTIE HOO x2!! She also wins a 6 night trip to Tokyo. Man, Carla is in it to win it and I am so psyched! Bottom 3: Tiffany, Fabio, Dale. Tiffany's dumplings were thin and dough-lacking. Fabio's burger was more like a meatloaf and not enough juicy fat. Dale's philly cheesesteak was the victim of the "salt monster," according to Jimmy. After deliberation, the cheftestants leaving this week is Fabio. Holy balls- wowzer!

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Dave Galanter said...

Is it me, or does Angelo look like he's getting a BJ when the judges compliment him, and he looks like someone is working on his teeth when someone else is getting complimented?