February 7, 2011

Serving of the Week

2/07/2011 Posted by Mel Got Served 2 comments

Name: Superbowl XLV Commercials
SERVED: Don't get it twisted, I like football, but I prefer college football. But because it's a cultural phenomenon, and I like to see what people blow a million dollars on, I tune into the Superbowl for the commercials. Holy fail. Everytime I paused my DVR to not miss the commercials I kept asking myself why. These commercials were terrible and need to be SERVED. Ozzy and Bieber hocking 3G networks for Best Buy? Coca Cola's Delgo-looking CGI creep show? The fucking eTrade baby? Adrien Brody crooning to a bar? AWFUL. Companies spend millions of dollars to make these commercials and buy the ad space. They should've spent it on an employee appreciation party or something because these were some of the worst ads ever. These ads are the epitome of why the DVR is needed. SERVED.

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Photo Credit: Fancast


@unluddite said...

Loved this tweet last night from Alec Sulkin (@thesulk) : "That Coke ad with the dragon could've fed Africa."

Mel Got Served said...

So true. What an amazing tweet.