March 21, 2011

Serving of the Week

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Name: Ark Music Factory
SERVED: When I asked on Twitter for Serving of the Week recommendations, I got a resounding response (2 people) suggesting Rebecca Black and her infamous "Friday" song that took YouTube by storm this week. Dubbed by many as "the worst song ever" (obviously we're forgetting "Who Let the Dogs Out" and OMD's How Bizarre" which had actual record deals), I could SERVE this teen girl for making such shit. But my blame instead goes to the producers of the video: a company known as Ark Music Factory.

Ark Music Factory lets your wildest tween superstar dreams come true by charging $2,000 to make a music video and make your a viral star. First, I don't trust any site that uses Comic Sans on it- that's a fact. Rebecca Black isn't the only kid whose dumb parents shelled out the cash to give them 15 minutes of fame. I guess those photobooth machines that superimposed you onto the cover of Sports Illustrated and People magazine aren't enough. I'm SERVING Ark Music Factory for preying on these dumb, gullible kids and parents who probably think this is one step away from their oh so talented kid landing their own Disney Channel show and selling a line of tween clothing at Walmart. And actually, a SERVING to their parents too, who should know better than to unleash their pre-teen kids on the viciousness of the internet. You're all SERVED. Try living life low key- write a blog and hate on people like I do.

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Photo Credit: OK! Magazine