April 4, 2011

Serving of the Week

4/04/2011 Posted by Mel Got Served 2 comments

Name: Mother Nature
SERVED: I woke up at 6am on April 1, put on my coat and Uggs, put the leash on my dog and walked outside only to come out to an inch of snow. SERVED! Worst April Fool's Day prank ever, Mother Nature. It's April and that damn groundhog claimed spring would come early. Why must you torture us? We want sun! Nice days! Flowers! No more snow! Stop SERVING us!

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Photo Credit: CBS Boston


Brian @ PWYJudges said...

That was the worst!

Brasil said...

All I can say is keep it up. This blog is so necessary in a time when everyone just wants to talk about how many people someones cheated on their wife with. I mean, thanks for bringing intelligence back to the web, its been sorely missed. Great stuff. Please keep it coming!