May 16, 2011

Reality Rundown: Survivor Redemption Island Finale Special Edition

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Survivor: Redemption Island Super Special Finale Edition

Murlonio mourns sending Grant to Redemption Island, particularly Rob who feels responsible and actually did make a friend out there. Rob worries about the target growing on him and has a gut feeling that Ashley has to go.

The Redemption Island crew receives mail that informs them that the final "duel" is now: 3 lose, 1 goes back into the game. Matt of course credits god with keeping him around all this time he's lasted (merely 7 days of actual game, 22 days of Redemption Island). The fouel is to balance a vase on a plank with their foot, so a decent endurance challenge. Grant is the first vase to fall, sending him to the jury. And then Matt, after 36 days and 10 duels, drops his vase and is out. It's down to Andrea and Mike; Mike's vase begins to teeter and then hits the ground. Andrea returns to the game and to the tribe that betrayed her.

Andrea returns to camp, knowing she's not super welcome, but immediately gets her game on. She tells Natalie and Ashley that the guys at Redemption Island called them all puppets and would give their final vote to Phillip (lie- awesome!) Rob and Phillip see the chatting and know Ashley is poison to sweet Natalie and she must go next. So of course Ashley wins immunity again, though to be fair a chimp that could count could win this challenge since it was just to place tiles in order from 1 to 100.

So it's pretty obvious that Andrea will be leaving the game sooner than she re-entered, but she also hopes maybe the girls will get smart and finally try to take out Rob. Rob is extremely confident in tonight's vote and doesn't plan to use his immunity idol, as tonight is the last night to play it. Ashley is paranoid that she's next on the chopping block so asks Natalie for a promise to vote off Phillip next time. Phillip spies this and gives Rob an update that they were chatting, right in front of Andrea. Andrea sees this as a prime opportunity to try to get the girls on her side, citing that it would be a bad move to be up against Rob in the finals and all of Redemption Island would vote Rob to win.

At Tribal Council, paranoia is the big topic of conversation. All the whispers and private convos and weird Phillip ramblings. Rob, don't be a moron and play the damn idol. But as Rob points out, Andrea is a good player and well-liked and sending her out is a smart move. Probst gives one last immunity idol reminder before everyone goes to cast their votes and huff the marker. Rob thankfully plays that idol, setting his ego to the side. The votes do come out eliminating Andrea regardless, so great work Redemption Island.

The final 4 bask in their glory, while Ashley is again proud to be a final 2 girl, and Rob and the girls pledge final 3. We'll see how that holds up at the immunity challenge, a stunning giant maze with a word phrase puzzle to end it. Rob is the first to collect his 4 bags of puzzle pieces with Ashley right behind; Phillip and Natalie are just wandering aimlessly. Rob and Ashley peer at each other's boards, but it's Rob who wins the final immunity challenge with "ONLY YOU ARE SAFE." So what move with Rob make? Well take out Ashley probably, but can he convince Natalie to turn on her BFF?

Natalie looks heartbroken when Rob informs her Ashley needs to go. Rob explains that Ashley has a lot of friends on the jury when she befriended Zapatera. Natalie isn't sure what to do because even though she didn't come here to make friends (drink!), she did. When Ashley asks Natalie if Rob's said anything to her, Natalie lies. Ohh it's getting half-interesting. At Tribal Council, Probst wonders if Ashley losing was a million dollar loss. The votes are cast and Ashley heads to the jury. Thank god. Ashley acted like she did so much and orchestrated things but she was merely Rob's puppet from the beginning. Peace out, lazybones.

Rob, Natalie and Phillip enjoy their finale feast and us viewers are spared the fallen comrade walk, though I'd rather have it and not pay attention than not have it at all. It's tradition! The best moment of the entire season is Phillip burning his creepy tighty pinkies, or saggy reddies. Phillip has no idea how happy viewers are to see him finishing this season in swimtrunks and not his skivvies.

Final Tribal. Natalie cites her social skills, alliances, and loyalty as what helped her play the best game. Phillip says he deserves to be in the finals because he revamped his whole strategy because of Rob entering the game and credits Rob with getting him to the end. Rob knows if he weren't on Ometepe the game would be different, but explains his gameplay with suballiances as well as camp work. He also brings up that it's taken 10 years for him to get there but he wants to win to bring home the bacon to his wife and daughter. More importantly, Phillip is wearing a cloak and his feathered headdress.

Andrea asks who the real Phillip is and he basically says if you've been around me 39 days and don't know me, then I don't have to explain myself. Andrea also wonders why Natalie ditched her BFF to follow Rob. Ashley demands Phillip just sit and listen so she can rip into him, but thanks him for making her more patient. Rob admits to Grant that he had to eliminate him because he thought he'd get his ass kicked against him. Rob believes his gameplay of making final 2 alliances with everyone on Ometepe was necessary to get to the end. Julie makes some rant about like what would your kids and parents think of you and hates them all. This allows Phillip to rant more, guaranteeing ZERO votes in 10 minutes. Mike says Survivor brought him closer to god and wonders what the survivors learned about themselves. Thankfully, Rob learned this is the last time he'll play this game which is good for us. David twists it up and just talks to the jury and basically points out how Rob was amazing and scared them all into following him. David calls Rob's game the best there was and Rob looks totally flattered.

The votes are cast and we at least get one last glimpse of Ralph's fantastic spelling (he voted for PHILE). Live in New York City, Probst babbles and then reads the votes. Fourth time is a charm and after 10 years off-and-on of playing Survivor (and losing The Amazing Race twice), Rob finally wins the game.

Reunion: Phillip is subdued, Natalie is moving past Julie's jury comments, and Rob was really worried early on that he'd be out quick. Rob is also sad that Grant isn't friends with him anymore, ignoring texts and calls. Grant is hurt and feels Rob's gameplay is a reflection of his real personality. Matt has a lot of records for the show, mainly because Redemption Island didn't exist before, but he many times felt lonely and miserable and collected rocks. Matt and Andrea had/have a connection but live in different states so dating for now is probably a no. Russell is still a bitter looking troll, but shakes Rob's hand and congratulates him for winning. Phillip didn't trade his integrity for a million dollars and blabs more crazy stuff and apologizes to Steve for his insane rant. It's confirmed that Phillip was a special agent by a woman who went through training with him. In a 40% to 36% vote, Rob also wins the Sprint Player of the Season for another $100,000. David, who has been dating Survivor: Tocatins castmember Carolina since leaving the show, proposes to her on the live show and she says yes. And finally, soon season 23 will start filming in Samoa and lameass Redemption Island is back and yes, ex-players will return. F THIS.

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