May 2, 2011

Serving of the Week

5/02/2011 Posted by Mel Got Served 1 comment

Name: Donald Trump
SERVED: It's amazing that a man whose been bankrupt several times, a multiple-divorcee, and has a joke of a hairstyle can be such an arrogant dick. For weeks there's been mumblings that Donald Trump, he of gaudy golden home furnishings and "You're fired!" Celebrity Apprentice fame, might run for President of the United States. Yes, the guy who can't keep a casino profitable wants to run the country. SERVED. He won't confirm or deny this, but he will go on any news channel to bitch and moan about Obama's birth certificate. Seriously, get over it. Tired of his bitching, the birth certificate was finally released by this turd still won't shut up. I'd say I could SERVE him for all the reasons, but thanks to this week's White House Correspondents Dinner, Obama was able to give this buffoon the SERVING he deserves. Oh, and Sunday's broadcast of The Celebrity Apprentice was interrupted, only to not air until over an hour later, to deliver a presidential address. (note: I wrote this post far before the press conference, so don't mind it being kiiiinda dated)

Honorary mention (but what should be the true SERVING): Osama Bin Laden. Quite frankly, he should be the main serving, but I don't want his image on my blog. I don't need that visage haunting readers, even with a SERVED over his face. The press conference came extremely late, but the news reported that Osama Bin Laden is dead and they have his body. I am glad that perhaps some rest goes out to the families and victims of 9/11. While our world always sits on some sort of unrest, it is a relief to have some resolution to one of the greatest American tragedies.

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Jeffrey Scott said...

As much of a fan I am of the Celebrity Apprentice, it was funny to see Obama get the last laugh on Trump. "When should we do this press conference today? Hmmm, Trump has that show on tonight doesn't he? Let's just schedule a press conference at that time."