June 19, 2011

Charity of the Month for June 2011: Save The Chimps

6/19/2011 Posted by Mel Got Served
My June charity of the month came to me from my dad who insisted I had to visit Save the Chimps' website. We had a good laugh on the phone at first at the idea of a bunch of chimps riding a bus to Florida, but soon I learned what a wonderful organization this is. I've been a fan of monkeys and primates my whole life so I too fell in love with this charity, just as my dad did.

Save The Chimps is a sanctuary in Florida (as well as in New Mexico) that offers a permanent and peaceful retirement to chimpanzees. Many of these chimps were rescued from scientific programs or entertainment, or even worse, experimentation. In their Florida retirement destinations, the chimps live on different islands where they can play and become a little family.

My father's birthday is in June, along with Father's Day, so I knew donating to this charity in June would be both my good deed, but a gift for him. But here's where it gets better: at Save the Chimps, the chimps get to paint on canvases and are sold online to benefit the chimps. My dad told me about this and said "They are so great. I put my favorite as my desktop wallpaper!" I immediately called my brother with the idea to surprise my dad for his birthday with his chimp art of choice. The workers there were so helpful and got my painting up here to Massachusetts so quickly. Last Sunday, I brought along a birthday cake (which was hard to keep secret) and then we surprised my dad with his chimp art. He was so happy and delighted. I'm glad that for his birthday we were able to get him a wonderful gift but also donate to a wonderful cause.