June 2, 2011

Reality Rundown: Singin' and Smoochin'

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The Voice

The Voice - It's the last night of the battle round before the live shows. Adam Levine's final pairing is Jeff vs. Casey who will peform Elton John's "Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me." Jeff is the favorite going into it, perhaps because Casey looks like a pop punk version of Mare Winningham. It's actually a pretty good battle but there's something so lovable and enigmatic about Jeff. In the audition round, Jeff got all four judges to turn, and Casey merely one judge (Adam, dur). Casey really impressed Adam, but it's something about Jeff that is undeniable so he advances to the live show.

Blake's battle is Xenia vs. Sarah singing The Pretenders' "I'll Stand By You." Ughhh, overplayed reality show singing song. Xenia has a super funky voice that I dig, while Sarah is "earthy," whatever the hell that means but she is missing her prom. That means no frightening dance floor grinding, so pity her. Sarah is worried she's too shy so Reba tells her she has one shot so suck it up. Sarah has better tone and range, but Xenia's voice is unique. So in the actual performance, I think both girls are pretty pitchy with some brown notes (South Park reference, Google it). Could neither get picked cause she's how I feel. Blake picks Xenia.

Christa's girls sing "Since U Been Gone" by Kelly Clarkson. The performers are Lily and Cherie. Lily is so loud in rehearsal and sounds like shit to me, but they praise her. I much prefer Cherie's smoother, tone-friendly voice. In the battle, I find Lily trying to hard to be some superstar; it's not natural. Cherie's voice is so much better and she's not wailing. It also turns out Cherie is a songwriter and even wrote a song for my gurl Reba. Christina selects Lily to advance, making my opinion a little less important.

Cee-Lo's final pairing is some dude Curtis against Emily Valentine. She wins on name alone, HANDS DOWN. They will sing Lady Antebellum's "Need You Now," another played out jam, but maybe they'll put a twist on it. Emily says she has a little crush on Curtis, but it's a game and she's there to win. Cee-Lo encourages them to really get into the song and feel the emotion, the story. Then of course there is a commercial touting a shocking ending. As a performance as a duo, I really enjoy it. While Emily hit quite a few bum notes, I still think I prefer her to country Curtis. Oh and at the end of the performance, they kiss! Whaaaat! Jaws are dropped. Guess they didn't see the Glee finale to know that technically that's unprofessional. Blake says "Cee-Lo wanted you to duet not DO IT!" GET IT?! I guess that was the shocking ending. Cee-Lo picks Curtis, while Emily leaves to not burn the West Bev homecoming float.

Next week: live show!