July 4, 2011

Big Brother 13: Pre-Show Winner Prediction

7/04/2011 Posted by Mel Got Served , 6 comments
Ahh, summer is here. The weather is warm, the beer and ice cream are flowing, and it's time for another season of Big Brother. As we all know, this season of Big Brother will feature the feature of "dynamic duos," currently rumored to be Jeff and Jordan, Dick and Danielle, and (oh no, this made me vomit on my keyboard) Brendan and Rachel. While I try to keep my head on straight to tolerate a potential summer of Brenchel completely ruining my live feeds again, it's time to get to some important business. I'd like to think the other 8 houseguests that are playing for the first time will be smart enough to eliminate the veterans and make this their own game. Of course Jesse lasted far too long in the past, so I'm probably going to regret this. Right now I'm guessing on the 8 announced houseguests and not the speculated returning pairs. I've pored over their CBS.com bios, watched their videos, and it's time for me to make my pre-show winner prediction. Or in the case of my Big Brother track record, who will go home week 3.


Dominic will win Big Brother 13

Seriously, can you imagine if I predict the week 3 eliminee for a 3rd year in a row? I might throw a party. But let's hope that's not the case cause I'd love to choose a winner. So you may be wondering my reasons for selecting, Dominic, so here it goes.

The written bios were not helpful at all. I mean, Porsche said her favorite player was Natalie in the written portion. Are you fucking kidding me? I had to rely on the videos to give me a better look into their demeanor, personality, etc. Based a lot of the videos I narrowed it down to Porsche and Dominic. Ultimately I picked Dominic to win. Here's my reasoning: my guess is Dominic will have a showmance but instead of taking him out, they'll take out his female counterpart. He also seems very likable, charming and up for a good time, something that makes you wanted in the house. While others annoy, likable people can last for a little while (at least past week 3, unless you'd my main man Casey). Porsche doesn't seem super bitchy and cute enough to fly under the radar for awhile. I could see a Jordan strategy working for her, if she doesn't become a week 1 target for being a cute, perky girl (happens a lot).

Keith initially stood out to me and I liked his strategy of aligning with 3 women (smart), however I hated that he called them "Keith's Angels" and he's determined to have a showmance to "have his cake and eat it too." That's when the women turn on you, stupid. I like Kalia a lot, but her strategy of just lying all the time and maybe being bitchy will backfire quick. However, she earns huge points for dissing Erica for showmancing Boogie and I love that. The worst by far is Lawon, who I could only watch 5 seconds of his video before tuning out. He'll be out fast.

Who do you think will win Big Brother 13? Leave your prediction in the comments. Get it right and you'll get a shout-out at the end of the season.

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Russ Morgan said...

My gut feeling is that these people are going to be too stupid to vote out "dynamic duos" and one of those will win (see: Survivor last year)... but of the confirmed houseguests (and without watching the videos because my work network would crash if I tried to stream a video) I am going with Shelly.

Like I said though, I think that there will be enough impressionable, starstruck houseguests that they will blindly align with a returning couple. I do hope it is three duos at least so that there is something resembling a power struggle amongst the alliances and not just a team Donato vs. team Jeff and Jordan (though if Brenchel is the the third couple, I don't have high hopes that they will be much of an impact. Which is not a bad thing as far as getting them out, but is a bad thing as far as there being real strategy in this game (again, see last seasons Survivor).

At any rate... I am actually excited for the season since there isn't much else on TV, but I hope CBS's new infatuation with bringing back former contestants doesn't play out like the Russell vs. Rob mess on Survivor did or else I could lose interest in a hurry.

Anonymous said...

First reaction is Kalia. So, I'm going with my instinct and she will be "anger young black woman" deux and will win. Maybe :-)

tvobservatory said...

Short Answer: Shelly

Here's my thought process...

I have to do this backwards by ruling out who I think WON"T win...

So who definitely won't win:
Adam (I think he'll get booted at the beginning)
Keith (he is christian but also really into ladies, and I bet he is going to make lots of misogynistic comments and rile the ladies up, so he's out; plus, i think he gonna be a floater big time)
Cassi (she is gonna piss someone off; also, I just don't like her and her leather vest)
Porsche (she'll possibly align with a dude/skate by on an alliance, but won't do shit in terms of decision making)
Kalia (think she'll be a bit of a floater, but I think she will go fairly far; may get into a few big fights)

Who I want to win, and may surprise us by winning, or at least get pretty close:
Lawon (love that jean, boi)
Shelly (this woman...already I can tell I love her and that she has the best one liners; she is going to go far)

Who i think may win, but I don't really care about/want to win:
Dominic (don't particularly want him to win, but he seems like he'll play a good social game and get along with everyone, and I think this will take him far)

.....So it's down to Dominic, Shelly and Lawon

My heart says Lawon, except then I think the man may not be able to pull his weight in some of the challenges (gross food ones or standing on shit for hours ones), Shelly looks like a tough cookie so it's down to her and Dominic - and since Mel picked Dominic, I'll go with my homegirl Shelly.

ChelleLovesBB said...

I will also say Dominic. I think he'll be a hit with the girls, and chill with the guys.

Tim said...


danielle.royster said...

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