July 11, 2011

Serving of the Week

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Name: Worst Driver in the Netherlands
SERVED: Hosting a TV show seems like a pretty good gig. You come out, read a few lines, get paid a ton. Someone needs to give Ruben Nicolai a raise.

The host of Worst Driver in the Netherlands was involved in an accicdent on a recent episode when some terrible driver fudged up the course. A contestant, known as Mr. Pim, took his eyes off the road (and by that I mean turned his head totally the wrong way), veered off the course since he hit gas instead of brake, and hit the cameraman and show's host. Nicolai was taken to the hospital with a torn lip and sore shoulder and foot. Good lord, Worst Driver in the Netherlands. Did you never think that maybe putting the host near a bunch of shitty drivers might backfire? SERVED! This is what happens when you put poor drivers out of the road, even if it's a simulated course.

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Photo Credit: Orange News