August 21, 2011

Charity of the Month for August 2011: Birthday Wishes

8/21/2011 Posted by Mel Got Served No comments
August has been a busy month but amongst other things, August is my birthday! Yes, I celebrated another year on this planet and decided this month I'd so a charity that someone informed me of last year and ever since I've been obsessed with.

For my birthday last year my friend Stephanie handed me a card and inside it mentioned a donation was made in my name to Birthday Wishes, a charity that provides birthday parties to homeless children. I got so verklempt! This charity is something so different, yet something I found so amazing and beautiful. No matter what state you're in, we all deserve a birthday. Birthday Wishes is currently a Massachusetts charity that goes to homeless shelters all around the area and throw birthday parties for the children there. Along with monetary donations, you can also bring by items like cake mixes, juice boxes, craft projects, gifts, etc. I love the goal of this organization and while I celebrate my birthday, I'm in turn giving a donation to Birthday Wishes so that another less fortunate child can celebrate their special day as well.