August 21, 2011

Reality Rundown: Bookie Gets Booted Again

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Big Brother - Week 6

Brendon is back in the house, meaning we have to suffer through more Brenchel house bullshit. The vets + Shelly and Adam have a cheer circle like lame-os and plan to evict Kalia, Daniele, and Porsche easily. Opposite occurrence foreshadowing alert! Rachel fills Brendon in on what happened last week, like being "bullied" by Dani and Kalia. However, the interesting tidbit is Rachel overhead Shelly confirming a final 3 deal with Jeff and Jordan, meaning Rachel is on the outs with the group. While some are excited (Jeff, Jordan, Shelly, Adam), Daniele's bummed because her week of HOH was wasted and wiped out by the twist. Kalia heads into the diary room to lament America's shitty vote and her wasted week.

The HOH competition is held this episode, since we ended the previous episode getting stuck with Brendon. The backyard is filled giant shapes of the states the houseguests are from and then giant displays of a lot of crap: counting game! In each round, the houseguests will need to guess how many are that item there are and the furthest away will be eliminated each round until there's a winner. Minus Porsche, the whole house is saying "Anyone but Dani needs to win." Items to count: Mardi Gras beads hanging on a tree, pepperonis on big ass pizzas, giant martini glass filled with olives, playing cards, baseballs in glove chairs, rivets on an airplane propeller, and gold coins in a treasure chest. Things are not going the vets+2s way as round by round they keep getting eliminated. The final 2 are Dani and Porsche which is what the house calls "Sheeeeeit." Dani wins HOH and I am looking forward to the house freaking out at her reign of power again.

Dani, Kalia and Porsche rejoice and Dani and Kalia see that Shelly is a snake and cannot be trusted; Dani, Kalia and Porsche are a solid 3, while Shelly and Adam are obviously floating around to the power. Rachel and Brendon convene and figure that the deal from last week might hold up and another deal could be on the horizon. Rachel's hope is not only to be safe but to get Shelly nominated too. Adam heads up to HOH to do damage control since his allegiances are pretty obvious at this point, but as Dani sees it: if he's not with me he's against me.

Shelly asks Daniele if she's frustrated with her, which she admits kinda yes considering that she was supposedly on their side but so excited when Brendon returned. Shelly is really trying to cover her ass, playing the "I don't feel as cool" card which is the dumbest card to play. Shelly requests Kalia leave the HOH room, and Kalia complies, and Shelly tells Daniele she'd like to play the game with her. Smoooooooch. That's Shelly kissing ass hardcore. Kalia and Porsche discuss Shelly's lying and Shelly tells Porsche to talk shit to her face, not behind her back. Porsche is aware of several deals Shelly has (flashback to a clip of her proposing a final 3 deal with Brenchel 11 days prior), but Shelly is baffled by the accusations.

Brenchel make their plead with Dani to stay in the game and an interesting idea: team up as the 3 of them but pretend they still hate each other. Dani is unsure about trusting them but Brenchel really seem to be down with this deal and point out the floaters are going to make it to the end while the strong battle each other. Rachel explains that if she took the deal, four people wouldn't nominate her next week and Shelly could be nominated with Adam as a pawn, especially since Shelly has that final three deal with Jeff/Jordan.

At the nomination ceremony, it seems the Brenchel offer may have impacted Daniele's decision. Up for elimination are Adam and Shelly, but the speech potentially implies a backdooring of Brendon.

Adam is not psyched to be a three-time nominee, Shelly is pissed at Rachel's lies, and Rachel is ecstatic her and Brendon avoided the block. Dani is happy with her nominations because either she takes out Shelly or backdoors Brendon; it's a good move for her either way. Until the veto competition is over, Dani just has to keep lying to everyone about what her intentions are.

Shelly is mad that Porsche was telling the house that there was a final 3 deal with Brenchel. There was no deal though, so they pull Porsche in to see where the lies started, which Shelly attributes to Rachel. Porsche explains that Rachel told her Shelly tried to make a deal but that Rachel declined and brings up that Shelly mentioned voting out Jordan. Shelly is pissed that Rachel would bring Shelly and Jordan's friendship into these lies. Who do we believe? Neither, they're both liars! Shelly hates this house and the lies in it and cries to JeJo about how much she loves them.

Daniele, Adam, Shelly, Jordan, Kalia, and Jeff play in the Power of Veto competition; looks like a Brenchel backdoor is a-comin'! Dressed in some overalls and bandanas, the veto competition is to shoot a beanbag into the rotating wheel; it's like Wheel of Fortune meets cornhole. Everyone's a winner in this game because as you're eliminated with a high score you select a prize (or a punishment if you have horrible luck). Shelly is knocked out first and her bin contains the veto, which means everyone will take it away. Jordan pulls 24 hour solitary confinement BUT gets a phone call home; she wants to keep it but gives it to Shelly so that she can talk to her daughter. Kalia wins a Caribbean vacation while doing her best Oprah shout. Dani wins a Veto Ticket guaranteeing that she'll get to play in next week's veto competition. Jeff throws the veto to Adam and wins $5,000 ($15,000 cash prizes now- nice Jeff!) Adam pulls the "humilitard" and obviously trades it with Jordan to get the veto.

Shelly gets 24 hours of confinement in the Have Not room with bread, water, slop, and a toilet in the corner. Shelly could careless about the minor torture since she gets to talk to her family at long last. It's a nice moment and something Shelly really needed since all she does is talk about her family. It's a cryfest, but at least this one makes sense.

Oh and that humilitard? A kelly green unitard accessorized with a tutu, spinning dunce's cap, pigtails, and iron-on letters reading "I'M WITH STUPID" on the front and "KICK ME" on the back. Thank god we didn't have to see Adam wear this all week.

Brenchel head to the storage room to lament their situation. Rachel wants to go on the block, Brendon doesn't want her to. Same drama, different week. Dani's move is most definitely to backdoor Brendon, explaining it's stupid to send a person home, have them return, and then not dump them again. Jeff would prefer Rachel leaving cause she's super annoying, but he'll do whatever to keep him and Jordan safe. Brenchel ask Daniele straight up if she has a deal with Jeff and then propose backdooring one of them.

At the Power of Veto ceremony, Adam takes himself off the block because he's not stupid. Dani makes a funny speech where she explains this season's twist is that there's a zombie that will not die and names Brendon as the replacement nominee.

Brendon is confident he'll stay, Shelly's confident she'll stay, and Rachel whines and cries. Same shit as usual! Shelly is going to play calm and cool to try to keep things steady and not rock the boat, but Brendon is going to fight to stay. Brendon first campaigns to Adam, explaining Brenchel are a far bigger target than he is. Like Adam is a target- ha! Rachel tries to play the former bestie card with Porsche and says Shelly wants to nominate Porsche should she win HOH. Porsche doesn't want to give a sympathy vote again because last time it didn't benefit her and made her a house outcast. Even Jeff/Jordan are worrying that maybe Shelly's super-floating might get them screwed. Shelly's daughter even agrees she's gotta stop lying- haha, awesome.

Daniele tries to appeal to Jeff and Jordan that they are not her targets. Dani tells Jeff/Jordan what they need to hear and probably them vice versa. There's sort of a deal made to protect each other but keep up the distance. This could be a huge vet reunion or just all a usual Big Brother ruse.

Rachel and Brendon hope that Jeff/Jordan would be upfront with them and let them know how their votes would lay. Jordan agrees but says that they can't go against the house majority this week or they'll be making enemies. Rachel gets pissy, offfffff course. Jeff doesn't appreciate the way Brendon and Rachel interrogated Jordan, so he heads outside to take care of biz. Jeff confirms what Jordan said; they aren't going against the majority and they also aren't the deciding vote, Adam is. Jeff said even the pity votes won't make a difference and they aren't making enemies. Jeff is also tired of Rachel's kindergarten attitude and gets pissed at her, which in turn pisses of Brendon. Please Brenchel, go away.

Voting time! Shelly gives a nice speech about the friendship and bonds. Brendon thanks UCLA, America for voting him back him (not America, just some mis-informed losers), and vows his vote on the jury will go to a competitor not a floater. In a 5-1 obvious vote, Brendon is evicted for the second time and is the first member of the jury. Brendon hopes Rachel wins HOH or rides the middle and sticks with Jeff, Jordan and Daniele to last longer.

It's yet another HOH cliffhanger with sort of an endurance competition. The HGs have to full a cup with liquid soap and cross to the other side to fill a bowl to remove a ping pong ball. Same challenge as every other season, just more soapy and slippery.

Next week: double eviction fast forward episode!