August 7, 2011

Reality Rundown: Golden Power of Veto Comes Between Rachel and Her Man

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Big Brother - Week 4

The swinging ski endurance comp, which began at the end of Thursday's episode, picks up right away. For most of the house, the goal is anyone but Daniele winning HOH. As the love handles get worked out, Adam falls first 9 minutes in the competition. He pulls his required snowball which forces him to wear an elf suit for a whole week. Man, a little longer up on those skiis might've made a difference squeezing into those tights. 19 minutes in, Lawon falls and his snowball makes him a Have Not all week. Brendon jumps down third, about 35 minutes in, because he couldn't take the pain; his snowball also makes him a Have Not and not a $10,000 winner for his "dream wedding" to Rachel. Jeff's in pain as the ladies keep swinging, and with a 50/50 shot at $10k he jumps off. Jeff's snowball indeed has the $10 grand, but his ladylove Jordan falls shortly after and takes the last snowball (another Have Not).

As the mountain tilts forwards, Porsche's pain in her "shoulder" (which she points to us is her elbow) kicks in and she falls. With their asses on the line, the vets keep cheering loudly for Shelly to win, making the sides so obvious. Bad news for the vets: Shelly begins to struggle and when her hips start a-swayin' and the wall moves, Shelly is toast. Brendon indicates Kalia did well at this challenge because she is fat and able to lean. Now when we viewers say it, it's OK, but Brendon saying it is douchey. Because he sucks. Rachel begins to pout because the power as swayed to the other side. Kalia and Dani decide to let Dani have the HOH victory, so Kalia leaps down. No one congratulates Dani on her win, but her and Kalia share a victory dance in the storage room.

For whatever reason, Kalia tries to apologize to Rachel in the kitchen and Rachel goes crazy and whines in the parlor to Brendon. Rachel doesn't like that Kalia makes alliances and whines all the time. Sound familiar, Rachel? Jordan is crying after the competition, also because things didn't go her way, but Dani assures Jordan that her and Jeff are not the target this week. Jordan quickly relays this to Jeff and while they aren't trusting of Dani, Jeff has a good feeling or at least is riding a $10,000 high. The 4 vets commiserate in their new home, the Have Not room, and ponder the week ahead but at least know they have Shelly and Porsche on their side.

Dani gets the key to her HOH room and no one cares, which is no different than any other week. The only happy one is Lawon who gets to wear the HOH robe. Later in the HOH room, Dani apologizes to Jeff and Jordan about her backdoor move last week to cover her ass next week. Dani makes a peace offering: she won't target them this week if they don't target her the week after; JeJo accept the deal.

Adam comes out of the Diary Room rocking his punishment outfit for the week, a red and green elf costume with a hat with pointy ears. Good thing the superfan won this stupid prize or else there'd be a lot of whining. Far funnier than the elf costume: Rachel tripping over the ottoman while jogging around the yard. The show must go on when you rock a "size 0." In what CBS thinks is funny but isn't, the Have Nots received sardines and seaweed as their additional food supplement of the week.

Brendon and Rachel know that the game has to be played so head up to HOH to kiss Dani's ass. Brendon apologizes for being a dickhead but explains he was hurt that she was trying to pit the vets against each other. Brendon took it personal, but Brenchel hope that maybe the vets could put the past behind and re-team. It was a nice try to make amends, but Daniele nominates Brendon and Rachel for eviction, making us viewers so excited these feed hogs will go away.

Brendon, all American hero supreme, plans to win the Power of Veto and take Rachel off the block. Rachel cries in the diary room about pulling Excalibur, which is undefeated and it sounds so rehearsed. Faker. It's sappy Brendon and Rachel shit because he says some nonsense about how they'll be married soon. She cries, he cries- shut the f up. Jordan, meanwhile, is so shocked Jeff didn't get nominated but he's not. It all depends on the veto now but if Jordan were to go up on the block, the house would definitely keep her. Dani tries to apologize to Rachel to soothe things over so she doesn't get screwed over next week. Rachel of course thinks it's a bad game move and takes it personal.

Dani, Brendon, Rachel, Jeff, Adam, and Porsche are the players in the POV competition. Jeff is so happy he can play because he can protect himself, keep nominations the same, and then nominate/evict Daniele next week. Well if you win, schmuck. The backyard is filled with bits of past challenges and it's sort of a Name That Tune angle: predict how long it will take you to complete that task and then lowest time has to do it. Rachel does the chewing gum balance beam, which means we have to listen to lame cheering "That's my fiance, everyone." Rachel knocks Adam out, then knocks herself out by claiming she can do a puzzle in 38 seconds. Daniele tries to knock out Brendon in a spelling competition but fails to complete the task in time. Jeff gets the best task of them all: milk humping himself. It's down to the wire and just seconds after the buzzer, Jeff fills the jug. So it's down to Porsche and Brendon for the veto and they have to decide how long it would take them to sink a golf ball. Brendon shoots the balls all over (heh) but sinks one with 3 seconds left and wins the Power of Veto. Rachel monkey jumps on him in victory.

Brendon concocts a plan to tell the house he is using the Power of Veto on himself, but in actuality will save Rachel, forcing Daniele to make a last minute decision at the Veto Ceremony. Um, pretty sure either way Dani would nominate the same person. Jeff is wondering if his deal is still good or if he's going up on the block. Dani doesn't want to go back on her deal with them, so want Jeff and Jordan to do some phishing because Dani doesn't necessarily believe Brendon will save himself. Jordan volunteers to be a pawn as long as the votes are there. Rachel and Brendon make their HOH visit to try to finagle a deal and inform her Brendon is using the veto on himself. Brenchel want to nominate a floater, specifically Lawon. Brenchel is pushing for a veteran reunion and forget the past and start anew.

At the POV Ceremony, Brendon lets Rachel give a speech asking for why he should use the veto on her. She just says use the veto to keep yourself in the game- snooze. Brendon uses the Veto on "my fiance Rachel" (in case you forgot they were engaged). What a hero, huh ladies?!?!? For the replacement nominee, Daniele puts up Jordan. Dear BB gods, let this be the end of Brendon.

Julie and her pageant hair let us viewers know that for the first time this season a veteran will be evicted, which should be some asshole veteran.

To say the Thursday episode is going to be torture is an understatement. An hour of the "epic love saga" of Brenchel- GMAFB. This is an hour full of Rachel crying nonstop. The house is pretty surprised Brendon saved Rachel and not himself and Jeff knows Rachel's house annoyance is here to stay and he's not pleased. Now Dani just needs to reeeeeally make sure all the newbies will vote out Brendon, just in case they are dumb.

Brendon sets his sights on Porsche, Shelly, and Adam to change their votes to keep him in the game. They do have a valid argument that Jordan's won the grand prize already. Porsche plans to vote for Brendon since Rachel is her bestie in the house. Dani tries to sway Porsche's vote but Rachel interrupts their discussion, which leads Rachel to get pissy that Porsche might be switching sides. Porsche explains to Rachel she needs to not be mopey cause it's making everybody feel awkward and Rachel storms off and cries and screams in the hammock. Rachel cries that America hates her more now and she'll never get a job. Extremely true. Then the two mope together and Brendon continues to get the hero edit, despite him being a mental abuser in the house.

Julie and her Ultimate Grand Supreme hair interviews the houseguests and after getting Adam to dance in his elf suit, we have to hear about Brenchel more. Ughhhh, this is such a ploy to get the TV viewers to vote Brendon back into the house. Evel Dick, who left the game for personal reasons, gets a video package this week to explain that Daniele's current game sucks. Dick explains Dani is trying to get out of his shadow so is playing too hard, too early. He didn't like her kinda-showmance with Dominic, comparing it to the way she flirted with Nick season 8. Overall, Dick thinks Daniele screwed big time by trying to backdoor Jeff too early, but he still thinks she has a shot at winning.

Brendon gets all choked up in the speech which I didn't pay attention to because I hate him. Rachel cries when she casts her vote and the studio audience laughs at her. Looks like me and the audience are kindred spirits, bosom friends if you will. Brendon is voted out in a 5-2 vote (ohh Porsche), but I only fear that he'll be back in this house in no time. Brendon skips saying bye to everyone because "I have a gorgeous fiance to say goodbye to." Puke. He gets all weepy with Julie too, though I can't focus again because I hate Brendon and because Julie has bedazzled eyelashes tonight.

Julie then announces the least surprising twist ever: one of the 4 previously evicted houseguests will re-enter the game and America will pick who. Well, sort of. The person who gets evicted this week will battle America's pick to rejoin the game. OMG Dominic needs to get back into the house and win Big Brother because then it keeps my curse alive and gives me a correct winner prediction. The current HGs get a little taste when Julie teases that the person eliminated this week will have a chance to get back in the game.

The live HOH competition is a knock-out trivia competition about the first 3 evicted houseguests. Rachel knocks herself out and swears, but it's Kalia who is really on fire. Someone wants an HOH basket! For an alleged floater, Kalia really wanted this HOH and succeeded. Something tells me Rachel is going to sob into a pillow a lot tonight.