October 3, 2011

Serving of the Week

10/03/2011 Posted by Mel Got Served No comments

Name: Spooky Buddies
SERVED: After a night out with friends, I hopped into bed to catch up on Grey's Anatomy on Comcast OnDemand. This version doesn't allow fast forwarding but has some commercials throughout. It's a good trade-off because I can still watch it on TV. That is until you see the same commercials over and over... and over. The one that irked me the most: Spooky Buddies.

Good god this movie looks like shit. First of all, when did technology decide to make the puppies' mouths move? I long for the Look Who's Talking Now days of animal voiceovers and mouths not moving. SERVED. Second, these aren't even very cute golden retriever puppies. If you're going to make a puppy movie, pick the cutest puppies ever. SERVED. Most of all, I hate the commercials. Make it stop. These direct to DVD movies are god awful and a disgrace to the legacy of that original awesome Air Bud dog. My greatest fear is one day having a child that sees a movie like this and then I'd be forced to watch shit like this all year round, non-stop, regardless of holiday. Shame on the people who put money into this crap. SERVED.

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