December 15, 2011

Reality Rundown: Hmm I'm Gonna Go Smell the Pizza

Finale! The Amazing RaceFinale! The Biggest Loser
Survivor: South PacificTop Chef: Texas

Finale! The Amazing Race - The final destination on the race around the world is Atlanta, Georgia and man I would like a Phaedra Parks cameo. Amani and Marcus are from Atlanta so lucky break for them. Their route info sends them to a flight simulator which would be puke city for me. Marcus has a fear of flying so has trouble not really flying on the ground. Amani and Marcus takes ace to succeed at fake flying.

Next, teams go to "The Dump" which is the residence of the dude who wrote Gone With the Wind. Since they have to figure it out themselves, they're lost. Jeremy and Sandy end up in a furniture store, frantically searching. Ernie and Cindy are able to make a call to find the right location. At The Dump is a "who gives a damn?" Roadblock to type out their next clue on an old typewriter, but there's no 1 key so they need to use lowercase L. What an exciting finale task. Ernie and Cindy complete the task before Jeremy and Sandy even arrive.

The next clue is at Turner Field based on Hank Aaron's stats. At the field, there's a big ass map that one team member has to climb up and use a rope and carabiners to plot out the race course. This is a better challenge as it requires brains and brawn. Cindy really remembers the race course so her only challenge is maneuvering up on a harness. They receive the clue to head to Swan House, the final pit stop in the race. Then they hover over their cab driver's GPS cursing the "Recalculating" voice. Smart editing makes it seem like Jeremy and Sandy are close but I'm doubtful. Ernie and Cindy make it through the cheering crowd of losing racers and become the winners of The Amazing Race: Worst Season ever. Seriously, what an unchallenging, uninteresting, piece of shit season. Of the remaining three teams, I guess I was pulling for Ernie/Cindy or at least I remembered who they are (sorry, Jeremy and Sandy).

Finale! The Biggest Loser - If you're looking for two hours of filler with periodic weigh-ins, have I got the finale for you! Anna even puts on a pleasant face for someone who was fired for being unlikable and intolerable. While we get some silhouettes of the final three, until then it's the other losers competing for the at-home prize of $100,000. The "huge difference" in this finale is that all the losers have already weighed in and the top three will get on the giant fake scale for the final at-home prize weigh-in. I don't love the way they display the weight loss as it doesn't make it as clear as to their starting weight and ending weight. The at-home prize contenders are Vinny, Patrick, and Jennifer. Yeah I don't really remember two of those people either. The big fake scale is rolled out and Jennifer wins the at-home prize after losing 43.94% of her body weight (145lbs).

The final three, Ramon, John, and Antone, come strutting out to reveal their new skinnier looks next to their fatass holograms. The show then fills and immense amount of time and I'm not kidding about this: I started watching the episode at 9:50PM and completely caught up at 10:21 PM. We get a sneak peak of Biggest Loser 13 which premieres in only three fucking weeks and the twist is they arrive as pairs but the pairs are split: one family member with Bob, one with Dolvett. John loses 225lbs to win The Biggest Loser and gets the confetti in his hair he dreamed about.

Survivor: South Pacific - Ozzy and Edna battle in the latest duel: slide puzzle, hatchet to cut puzzle pieces, than a stackable puzzle of cubes. Ozzy has an early lead but hey, the commercial shows Edna's possible upset. Even Upolu is giving her help from the sidelines to take on Ozzy. No upset at all: Ozzy wins.

It's time for the five to start eating each other alive and Albert can't wait to pull of the biggest blindside yet: Sophie. Are you fucking kidding me? GET RID OF COACH. He even begs Coach to listen to his Sophie pleas, but Coach isn't listening and sees the paranoia. Albert sees Sophie as a threat now so wants to adapt his gameplay to work with Rick and Brandon better. Albert realizes Rick would be ideal for final three because he's a total follower that has done exactly nothing. What Albert isn't considering is how fucking obvious it is that Coach will win. Well until Ozzy inevitably comes back into the game and gets all the Savaii jury votes. Sophie suggests to Coach that Brandon should be sent to Redemption as their best chance to maybe eliminate Ozzy permanently, or at least eliminate his god-loving chances of winning. Coach starts to get Russell flashbacks with Brandon, who is bossy and a butt-inski.

The immunity challenge is to climb a wall to collect puzzle pieces which have to be sorted into pairs, but the extras will make a number code to unlock a box. Gahhh could they make challenges easier for recaps? Winner gets immunity and pizza, soda, and garlic bread. Since the entire pre-immunity strategy talk was to get rid of Brandon, he of course wins immunity and thanks Jesus. He gets to pick one other person to enjoy pizza with him, so Brandon picks Rick to join him while they eat pizza in front of them.

Since Brandon's safe, Coach and Sophie agree it's Albert's time to go since he thinks he's better than everyone. Sophie goes to "smell the pizza" and lets Brandon/Rick know the plan is Albert and he's got a final three with everyone. Brandon doesn't like liars cause the bible hates liars. Rick even speaks saying that Albert checked him with him re: a final three as well. Sophie loves seeing Albert squirm. Albert knows he's screwed but tries one last time to get Brandon to open his heart to him and Brandon forgives him and announces he won't vote for him. Brandon even says if he has to he will give Albert his immunity necklace. Brandon knows he's safe with Coach and even tells Coach said plan. Well this puts Coach in an awkward position.

Tribal Council time! 4 seconds into Tribal, Brandon announces he'd like to give his immunity necklace up and puts it around Albert's neck. Brandon is willing to give his space up for others to show his alliance dedication. Brandon is fucking crazy and dumb. Jeff asks Albert if he would in turn re-give the necklace to Brandon if he were in trouble; Albert says yes, Sophie's not so sure. The realization begins to hit Brandon his time could be up but Albert hopes Brandon has faith in himself and Coach to keep him alive. No shit he keeps the necklace. The votes are cast and, a-duh, Brandon is eliminated.

Top Chef: Texas - Quickfire: make a dish that pairs well with the product placement tequila. Tasting time- shots, shots, shots, shots-shots-shots! Best dig: Heather's dish tasting like the dish of the week at a chain restaurant. The winner is Ty-Lor who made steam clams in a That style fish caramel sauce, a good spicy contrast to the tequila.

Elimination challenge: pair up with the person next to you to cook game meats for their assigned famous chefs, who each come with their meat request. Other catch: all the cheftestants will be judges too and there's double elimination. Winners split $10k so that's a positive. Heather gets paired with Beverly, who she hates. This will not work out well for the bitch. Chris Jones is also in the partner shitter by messing up the sweet potatoes and his partner, Grayson, gets pissed when he admits the flaw. Ed and Ty-Lor are named the winning dish for their quail.

The cheftestants have to vote the three worst pairs to send for elimination. To the judge's table go Heather/Bev, Chris Jones/Grayson, an Nyesha/Dakota. Nyesha/Dakota made a great dish (gratin success!) but the meat was too rare. Grayson/Chris cooked the meat well but the dumb chain linked fence of sweet potato was dumb. Beverly/Heather could've been rendered more but didn't feel like a finished dish. Heather throws Bev under the bus as fast as she can, questioning her work ethics. Dakota comes to Bev's defense because Heather's just being a bully, though her argument is that Bev just doesn't have enough self confidence and over-questions. The pair eliminated is Dakota and Nyesha which I think is kinda bullshit but I guess you have to cook meat right in a meat challenge.