December 11, 2011

Reality Rundown: I Won't Be Happy 'Til the Confetti Falls

The Amazing RaceThe Biggest Loser
Survivor: South PacificTop Chef: Texas

The Amazing Race - After sleeping in the Atomium and shoving more Ford product placement in, the teams have to dress as detectives from the Tintin comics, realize who they are, and find a Tintin mural. What's funny is they didn't attempt to make this a movie product placement yet shove Fords down our fucking throats. The snowboarders get a good idea and Google what they look like, but fail when they think they're Charlie Chaplin. Others have the good fortune of finding people that know the comic and characters.

Teams cross the Atlantic to Panama City, Panama and I pray they never have to go to the cesspool of Panama City Beach, Florida the week of spring break. Horrible! Once there, the teams take cabs, then boats in the dark to sign-up for tattoo appointments. It's not real, thankfully, but just paint and it is actually their next clue: San Francisco Bay Towers. It's a Roadblock to cross a tightrope, round-trip, 35 stories high above Panama City. Sandy has to do it, based on the rule that at the end the Road Blocks must be evenly split, and she's afraid of heights.

Teams then have to find a statue to their Detour clue. The Detour this time is to deliver assorted seafood to vendors or make a pair of sandals. All the teams completely misinterpret the next clue on the dancers for the Pit Stop and end up in a totally wrong location. This is a fail on the race's behalf because they made the clue completely horrible and difficult to find. Here's a hint: next time you want to send them to a location and hide it on the dress, don't let them wear other pieces that say another location all over them. Lucky for most teams, Jeremy/Sandy's cab driver gives their cabbies all the correct location. Jeremy and Sandy are team #1 and win a trip to Turks and Caicos. Last place are the snowboarders Andy and Tommy, who drove way to far to a wrong possible Pit Stop. They are last to check in and eliminated from the race. I can never pick a fucking winner.

The Biggest Loser - The final four head home to be greeted by their families and townsfolk where they show off their new bods. They receive DVDs from their trainers that also include the pre-show interviews with their fat selves. This is 30 minutes of filler before we get to the only interesting part: Vinny proposes to his girlfriend at the Grand Ole' Opry. I went there once! Then Antone benches his kids. The trainers eventually visit the losers back at home to make sure they are fucking up their progress. John is still a dick even to his wife. Becky is the only person who goes back to work afterwards, making this a more accurate representation.

Then, the final four return to campus (well the desert) to run their season-ending marathon. Then all the loser losers get off a bus because as you recall, everyone will run the marathon and whoever wins gets a guaranteed spot in the finale. BUT, there's more: Walgreen's is going to give money to the top 5 finishers ranging from $2,500 to $25,000 (for the winner). Big stakes! Old lady Bonnie isn't running which I know surprises us all. Annoying old man Johnny walks the marathon while wearing a barbershop quartet hat or something. Courtney, who went home week three, is the early leader; Ramon passes her at like mile 9 but Courtney is still close. Dr. Huizenga thinks a lot of the losers are looking horrible which is like duh, these people are not trained marathon runners. He pulls Joe from the race eventhough Joe wants to finish his last 5 miles; he refuses. Smart move for that torn ACL. Ramon wins the marathon, gets $25k, and a spot in the finale. Rounding out the top five are Courtney, John, Jessica, and Patrick.

Final on-campus weigh-in! The final four are duking it out for the remaining two spots in the finale since Ramon snagged the first slot. No America's vote- yay! John gets all dickish and says he won't be happy til he's pulling confetti out of his hair. Bob admires John's competitive nature. Joining Ramon in the finals are... John and Antone. Vinny and Becky are eliminated which is a bummer cause I guess I liked them. I didn't really care; I had no one I was routing for this season.

Survivor: South Pacific - Cochran realizes he got used and abused by Upolu. Ozzy is confident he's going back into the game. Their duel is to retrieve balls in bags, which will then by used for a table maze. Cochran comes so close but fucking Ozzy wins again. Cochran's not totally bitter because he lived and breathed Survivor now and all the moments he's seen on TV he's now experienced. It brings him to tears.

More tears come rolling because after a tree mail cell phone pre-game, the loved ones are on the island to visit. Instead of a competition, Ozzy gets to choose whose loved one sticks around for the day. Ozzy chooses Albert, Coach, and Brandon to get family time. Do we have to give Coach fucking everything? The families will head to Redemption Island with Ozzy, and the cameraphone, to takes pics. Best moment: Coach says being on Survivor is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Says the guy whose been on THREE TIMES. Also, Coach proposes a secret final three deal with Ozzy when he likely returns to the game. Brandon's dad is like, screw the god stuff and play for the million. Brandon's dad decides his son's game sucks so much that HE tries to get Coach to bring Brandon to the end.

The immunity challenge is to flip puzzle pieces to make a path and not step on the same tile twice. The best part is the big ass puzzle is shaped like a pineapple which reminds me on Psych. Jeff makes some metaphor about it being like the game of making big moves early to get the biggest piece. Edna tries her damndest since she knows she's the outsider without immunity this is her last day. It's pretty clear she knows she's next too since Brandon tells her everyone is gunning for her elimination. Well Coach wins immunity so Edna is fucked.

Edna feels like a second-class citizen on the tribe, excluding herself from prayer circle since she knows Brandon doesn't want her in the tribe. The tribe doesn't like Brandon's big mouth and wishes he had some tact, but I guess they forget he's a Hantz. Edna tries to campaign against Brandon to Coach, Sophie and Albert and uses Brandon's horrible, inconsistent actions regarding honor and integrity to help defend herself. Edna even tries to get Coach to play his idol, but he declines. All the scrambling doesn't matter because at Tribal Council the core group of five vote off Edna.

Top Chef: Texas - This week's Quickfire is a saucier test where the chefs draw knives of different types of "mother sauces" and make a dish with a personal spin on the sauce. I enjoy seeing the judges scoff at when someone doesn't use a roux. The winner of the Quickfire is Grayson's ravioli and beschamel.

The Elimination Challenge is to work as one big team to make a four-course steak dinner for 200 people, in which two courses must include steak and must be cooked medium rare. The challenge winner gets some Toyota car too because we need more product placement so badly. During prep, Ty-Lor cuts his hand up all nasty and bleeds on his marrow bones. As if they weren't gross enough. He's in charge of steak cooking though so he's very nervous. No one else is willing to step into the grill leadership role since no one wants to get eliminated. Meanwhile, fat Texan Heather won't STFU about Beverly's shrimp prep and taking a long time.

The Cattle Baron's Ball is being held at Southfork Ranch, so add in lots of dated references to Dallas. Since it's a charity event I love that it's a steak event with a bunch of women who are like "oh, red meat!" and look startled. First course: tomato-watermelon summer gazpacho, which is deemed safe. Second course: grilled New York Strip carpaccia with a tomato and grilled asparagus salad. The steak is great, but the salad is a clunker. Third course gets delayed which means cold, ugly steak. The dish itself a grilled rib eye, braised brussel sprouts, and creamy potato gratin. The steak is overcooked and the gratin sucks. The final course is dessert and they serve up a "right-side up" peach cake, which the judges love but diners aren't so keen on. The dinner is deemed just fine, so I look forward to a hostile judge's table.

The group wonders in the stew room what excuses they should pull out and Heather gets pissy about the shrimp... again. Chris J, Nyesha and Heather are the best this week. Nyesha made an excellent compound butter and sauce that saved the dish. Heather's cake was tasty but the original cake base wasn't hers (it's Ed's). Chris' steak was perfectly cooked and flavorful. The winner is Heather, which delights Ed so much. Ty-Lor, Whitney and Ed are the bottom of the pack. Ty-Lor knows his steaks were overcooked and takes responsibility. Whitney's potato gratin was not ideal given the climate, plus it was undercooked and borderline raw in spots. Ed's asparagus and cherry tomato salad was safe, lazy, and didn't compliment the steak on the plate with it. Tom says tonight was so easy and Whitney is eliminated..