January 30, 2012

Honey Nut Cheerios signed by Michael K. Williams AKA Omar Little

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The Wire is hands down the greatest drama series that has ever aired on TV. Yup, I said it- sorry, Lost. A fascinating look at the cops, criminals, politicians, and citizens of Baltimore, The Wire had intricate plot lines, humor, crime, sadness, and some of the best characters and actors. One of the best characters ever: Omar Little, portrayed by Michael K. Williams.

Omar was like the Robin Hood of Baltimore, robbing only the criminals of the city involved in "the game." Omar lived by a strict moral code (no crime on Sundays, it's church day!), doesn't swear, and defies all gangsta stereotypes by being gay. But what I remember Omar most for was his love for Honey Nut Cheerios. If you had cereal and it wasn't Honey Nut, Omar was on his way to the store to get it.

I had always told people my dream was to get a both of Honey Nut Cheerios signed by Michael K. Williams because it would be beyond awesome. And then it happened.

Thanks for the magic of Twitter, Michael K. Williams and Martin Morse helped make that autograph dream come true. I actually tweeted indirectly about my autograph dream once maybe a year ago (how did I not save that!) and Michael saw that tweet and told me to send it. I wasn't sure where to send it, but I was on a mission. Thankfully I tweeted again and Michael put me in touch with Martin. I have no words for how amazing this autograph and how much it means to me, a lover of The Wire, Omar Little, and the acting talents of Michael K. Williams.

To Melissa
A woman's gotta have a code.

Michael K. Williams


The Wire


Tom said...

I'm jealous as hell but hey, you don't ask you don't get.; And nice one Michael K.