January 29, 2012

Reality Rundown: Chicken Salad IS Really Boring

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The Biggest LoserTop Chef: Texas

The Biggest Loser - One hour episode - yessssss. Thank you Mr. President!

The episode kicks off right away with news that Buddy went home for a few days since his wife gave birth; he'll still weigh in. The losers are all gathered together though for a challenge where only the winning team gets to use the gym this week. The challenge is an obstacle course where the teams use a battering ram to knock down doors that are answers to trivia questions. The challenge is beyond boring to watch but the red team wins so Dolvett gets to use the gym. I'm sure Bob will get all pissy.

After the challenge, Santa's wife Chris is crying in the bathroom that she hates it here and wants to quit. Ugh, another quitter? Then don't apply for the show. Bob has to play therapist to try to convince her to stay. Tears and whining ensue but there's no quitting and instead lots of outdoor workouts. On the other hand, Dolvett's team is a bunch of assholes still, particularly Conda, mouthing off constantly. Dolvett puts her in check so Conda comes back with her tail between her legs.

Weigh-in. Buddy returns from the birth of his son. The black team loses 52lbs (2.72%), with everyone doing well except Megan who makes such a weird stank face at her 2lb loss. It's also a decent weight loss considering they didn't have access to fancy gym equipment. The red team is so close to beating black and the producers wisely choose giant turd Conda to be the last to weigh-in and thus get some blame should the red team fail. Conda, however, doesn't fail and loses 10lbs. So Bob's black team has to vote someone off. I assumed Chris, the woman who expressed wanting to quit, would be eliminated by some other older chick Gail gets the boot.

Top Chef: Texas - Cat Cora, who has a new Bravo show coming up, is in the Quickfire kitchen with Padma and Emeril. Padma splits the six into three teams: Grayson/Chris, Paul/Ed, and Lindsay/Sarah. The Quickfire is to test technical precision against the clock which is peeling and deveining shrimp, shucking corn, making fettucini and then with the time left making a dish together. Paul forgets to put the shrimp on the plate, which DQs him and Ed. Grayson and Chris are the winners of the $10,000 prize, despite what appeared to be a bumpy time getting their items prepped.

Elimination challenge: each pair has to compete against each other and create the same dish for a block party for 200 people. Chris/Grayson chose chicken salad and a watermelon salad, Ed/Paul pick Korean BBQ with pickled vegetables, and Sarah/Lindsay do meatballs and vegetable salad. The pairs then learn that they have to actually make healthy versions of their dishes in the most heavy-handed Healthy Choice product placement ever.

Paul makes a turkey kalbi with eggplant and white peach kimchi; Ed makes open face kalbi with kimchi chipotle puree and some pickled shizz. Grayson serves a chicken salad sandwich with arugula on a whole wheat bun, with little mayo; Chris' chicken salad has no mayo and rather a tofu emulsification. Sarah has Calabrese style turkey meatballs made with whole wheat bread; Lindsay goes for a Mediterranean meatball with lamb, veal, and greek yogurt.

Grayson, Paul and Lindsay are called to the judges' table first; they are the winning dishes from the block party based on attendee votes. Grayson is given props for making each sandwich to order, but chastise her for choosing something as lame as chicken salad. Grayson gets really defensive and pissed that a meatball is more exciting than chicken salad. Uh yeah, it is. They love Paul's hot sauce and his use of ground turkey. Lindsay's meatballs had great seasoning. Paul wins another elimination challenge and receives $15,000. Paul, Chris, and Sarah are brought in for their bottom three berating. The use of bread is empty calories and removing the fat from short ribs takes off the good stuff. Chris is commended for healthy choices but since the sandwiches were pre-made, it was all dried out. Sarah's meatballs need less cheese, more fat and the salad didn't have a consistency throughout; but it was moreso a loss because Lindsay's was just better. Chris is eliminated.